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About Service Learning

For a student, it can mean:

  • Serving in the community, and recognizing that you can make a difference and have an impact on one life, or many lives
  • Hands-on use of skills and knowledge that increases relevance of academic skills
  • Interaction with people of diverse cultures and lifestyles
  • Increased sense of self-efficacy, analytical skills, and social development
  • Opportunities for meaningful involvement with the local community

For a faculty member, it can mean:

  • Provide a component in your course work that meets the General Education outcomes for human relations/interactions
  • Giving students a chance to reflect on what it means to be a
    responsible member of society
  • More lively class discussions and increased student participation
  • Greater student awareness of community and "real world" issues
  • More innovative approaches to classroom instruction

For a community partner, it can mean:

  • Positive relationship opportunities with the college
  • Awareness-building of community issues, agencies and constituents
  • Opportunities to contribute to the educational process

For an institution, it can mean:

  • Creating a culture of service and engagement
  • Embracing a mission of educating students for citizenship
  • Taking on greater responsibility to serve the community

Benefits of Service-Learning

  1. Personal and Interpersonal Development
  2. Understanding and applying knowledge
  3. Engagement, curiosity, and reflective practice
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Perspective Transformation
  6. Citizenship