Catalog Number

The Catalog Number is the number that is associated to the class that you want to search for. For example, if you search for Accounting, the Catalog Number will begin with 10101.

Catalog NumberDescription
10001Sustainable Landscape Hortcltr
10091Equine Management
10102Business Management
10104Marketing Business to Business
10106Administrative Professional
10106Judicial Reporting
10106Medical Adm Spec/Transcription
10109Hotel/Hospitality Management
10116Human Resource Administration
10150IT-Network Specialist
10152IT-Web & Software Developer
10152IT-Web Development & Design Sp
10154IT-Computer Support Specialist
10170Broadcast Captioning
10170Court Reporting
10182Supply Chain Management
10196Human Resource Administration
10196Supervisory Management
10201Graphic & Web Design
10307Early Childhood Education
10316Culinary Arts
10325Golf Course Management
10482Wind Energy Technology
10504Criminal Justice-Law Enforce
10529Environmental Haz-Mat Spec
10531Fire Medic
10531Paramedic Technician
10536Pharmacy Services Management
10540Emergency Management
10543Nursing-Associate Degree
10605Electrical Power Engineering
10606Mechanical Design Technology
10620Electro-Mechanical Technology
10623Manufacturing Management
10623Quality Assurance Technician
10624Nuclear Technology
10825Individualized Tech Studies
30090Farm Business & Production Mgt
30309Institutional Serv Hospitality
30442Welding/Maint & Fabrication
30504Criminal Justice-Law Academy
30508Dental Assistant
30510Health Unit Coordinator
30510Medication Assistant
30530Medical Coding Specialist
30531Advanced EMT
30531Emergency Medical Technician
30543Nursing Assistant
31001Horticulture Technician
31091Dairy Herd Management
31101Accounting Assistant
31106Medical Transcription
31106Office Assistant
31307Child Care Services
31316Culinary Technical Diploma
31325Golf Operations
31404Auto Maintenance Technician
31405Auto Collision Repair & Ref
31420Machine Tool Operation
31421Drafting Mechanical
31442Fabrication Technician
31462Industrial Maintenance
31509Medical Assistant
31510Health Care Technician
31516Ophthalmic Medical Assistant
31530Medical Coding Specialist
31536Pharmacy Technician
31543Practical Nursing
31606Mechanical Com Aided Drafting
31623Food Manufacturing & Process
32080Production Agriculture
32444CNC Technician
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