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Backyard Chicken Farming$31.34/$4.50*
Wondering what your neighbors are up to or thinking about having a few chickens, but not sure on how to get started. This class will cover instruction on: diet, climate needs and housing, diseases, breeds, permit requirements and more. With more cities approving chicken ordinances, now is the time to get started with this sustainable hobby.
6452911/5/18 - 11/19/18Mon6-9pOostburg
Beekeeping - Level 1$17.92
Teaches learners how to start a backyard beekeeping hobby. The class includes an in depth look at the hive cycle, apiary set up, Langstroth hive step up, installation of honeybees, general hive maintenance and problem solving. Safety precautions and beekeeper first-aid will be also be discussed.
Beekeeping - Level 2$17.92
Focuses on the needs of an established hive. This includes feeding methods, managing pests and parasites and identifying and treating infectious organisms. This class will also cover trouble-shooting and common challenges of ongoing hive management.
Bulb Garden Design & Installation$17.92/$4.50*
Instructs student on how to plan, design, plant and care for bulbs. Topics will include incorporating bulbs into an existing garden, starting new and creating a unique area, interesting bulbs to add texture and variety and much more. Plans are for home or office. Plan and plant now for a welcome sign in spring.
Earth Friendly Composting & Green Cleaning$17.92/$4.50*
Answers questions about composting and how to get started. This class will introduce you to basic composing for kitchen scraps and backyard materials. After a discussion on composting, we will talk about Green Cleaning! Commercial cleaners cost a lot, so why not make your own. You will learn how to create simple all natural cleaners using the same recipes your grandmother used years ago. You’ll leave class with complete home kit.
Enhancing Your Landscape with Trees & Shrubs$17.92/$4.50*
Enrich existing trees and shrubs or care for new ones. Some simple and basic care techniques will be taught that will lead to long living beautiful additions to your yard and garden.
Fall and Winter Container Gardening$17.92/$4.50*
Have a colorful garden even in the Fall and Winter months. In this class, you will learn how to plant your summer containers full of cool-season plants. Fall is a great time to experiment with texture and color in a container garden. While mums and asters can be spectacular and classic in a fall container garden, there are also perennials and lots of other choices that will last well beyond the first frost.
Landscaping Design$24.63/$4.50*
Teaches how to create a landscape design for business or home. Develop a plan using flowers, shrubs, trees, structures, and your own creativity to add texture and design to a landscape. This class includes an individual review of plans with the instructor.
6537310/11/18 - 10/18/18Thur6-8pPlymouth
Planning for Spring$17.92/$4.50*
Allows you to stay warm as the cooler months approach by keeping your spring garden in mind. Planning and preparing in the fall will lead to a beautiful garden in the spring and after. Learn how to create a plan that includes current plants and incorporating new and a few crucial steps to complete now that will make spring gardening easier. Do you want to start plants in the winter or learn about companion and succession gardening?
Prune Like a Pro$17.92/$4.50*
Covers how pruning promotes a strong tree structure and leads to an aesthetically pleasing and long living tree or shrub. Poor pruning can be costly and lead to early tree removal. Since winter is the best time of the year to prune your woody plants (shrubs, trees and evergreens) spend a night learning the right techniques now!
Putting Your Perennials to Bed$17.92/$4.50*
Will teach how and when to put your perennials to bed for winter. The participate will also learn how to get the most out of your perennials for winter and make spring clean-up easier; also which perennials can be successfully planted in fall.
Rose Garden Design$17.92/$4.50*
Teaches participants to create a rose garden design. This class will cover the topics of picking the best site, planting, pruning, rose types and varieties, annual care and dealing with disease.
Shade Gardening$17.92/$4.50*
Teaches the participant all about shady characters! Learn from a master gardener about the numerous plants that thrive in minimal sunlight. You’ll gain inspiration and techniques on how to effectively plant and maintain shade plants. You’ll discover an extensive list of new and old annuals, perennials, ground covers and shrubs that can be combined in exciting and beautiful ways for shady places. You’ll also learn how to develop a shade garden that includes making a garden under trees.
Square-Foot Gardening$17.92
No time to garden? Just beginning? No space? Try raised bed gardening. One or two simple 4’X 4’ beds can provide food and cut flowers all season. You can learn how to grow vegetables and plants in a little space. Less stress on your back and joints! Save money on seeds, no tiller required and very little weeding!
Starting from Seed to Kickstart Your Garden$17.92/$4.50*
Teaches the participant about plants to start as seeds indoors to kickstart the spring/summer growing season. This class will cover starting vegetables, herbs and flowers and will include instruction on equipment needed, germination, caring for seedlings, watering and how and when to plant outdoors.
Business & Technology
App Attack: Apps for Everyday Life$24.63/$4.50*
Learn about the various apps that are available to you for free or at a nominal cost on your smart phone or tablet. Apps can assist you in your daily tasks, travel, budgeting, entertainment, and much more! While this class is a companion class to “How to Use an iPad”, the apps and information covered can be useful for other Apple touch screen products like the iPhone and iPod Touch or an Android phone and tablet.
Computer Basics Beginners Refresher$17.92/$4.50*
Refreshes ones’ knowledge of basic computer skills, including common terminology, using the mouse and keyboard, starting programs, and understanding Microsoft Windows. Copy and Paste functions, organizing your files, creating, opening, modifying, and deleting files or folders, and an introduction to cloud computing will also be included.
654579/18/18-9/20/18Tue / Thur8-11aSheboygan
6547010/9/18-10/11/18Tue / Thur6-8pSheboygan
654719/17/18-9/19/18Mon / Wed9-11aManitowoc
6547210/1/18-10/3/18Mon / Wed6-8pManitowoc
Computer Maintenance - Basic$24.63/$4.50*
Teaches the participant how to keep their computer running to its fullest potential. Are you tired of your computer slowing down or locking up? We’ll share inside tips and tricks, and the best applications to download to maintain your PC. Learn how to get into safe mode, use system restore, and much more. This class will contain similar topics as covered in Computer for Beginners Level 4.
6547310/8/18-10/10/18Mon / Wed6-9pManitowoc
Computers: Excel 2013 - Level 1$31.13/$11.00*
Focuses on the development of basic computer skills in Excel 2013. You will create, edit and format an Excel spreadsheet. A jump drive for you to keep is included as part of this course.
Computers: Excel 2013 - Level 2$31.13/$11.00*
Allows students to build more Excel knowledge and review on the skills learned in Excel 2013-Level 1. Concentrate on the development of formulas using both relative and absolute referencing, and use of the following functions: sum, average, max, min, now, and If. Create a chart to display a pictorial representation of data from spreadsheets. A jump drive for you to keep is included as part of this course.
Computers: File Management$24.63/$4.50*
Covers all forms of file management and file maintenance, giving the user a firm understanding of how and where files are saved. User needs prior knowledge of computer usage, such as mouse and keyboard skills.
How to Use Your Smart Devices - Android Products$24.63/$4.50*
Provides information for learners on how to make the most of their Android devices such as a Samsung cell phone, tablet or HTC smart phone. You’ll learn operating basics in this class for your device and get your questions answered. Please bring your device and power and connection cords.
How to Use Your iPad$24.63/$4.50*
Addresses now that you have an iPad, do you know how to use it? Find out how to set up an iTunes account, how to purchase Apps and how to customize features.
Teaches how iCloud, an Apple-based product, gives you access to your music, photos, contacts, calendars, documents, and more from your MAC, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Windows Computer. iCloud stores your content and automatically keeps it up to date on all your devices.
Internet Basics and Beyond$24.63/$4.50*
Provides the learner with skills to explore the Internet and utilize it as a resource tool; apply e-mail concepts and advanced web techniques to obtain the best results; demonstrate web browser features; manage favorites and history lists; print a web document; copy and past information from the Web to another document; navigate and refine search sites to local useful information; and apply concepts learned through personal exploration. Experience with Windows environment and using a mouse (left/right/double click) is required.
Internet Buying and Selling$17.92/$4.50*
Teaches how to buy and sell on the internet. As a buyer, students will learn how the auctions work so that you can find deals and protect yourself when buying online. As a seller, students will learn how to create compelling listings, get exposure for your auction, and command top dollar for your items.
Windows 10$24.63/$4.50*
Provides learners with the foundation needed to get started using Windows 10. Students will learn how to find their way around the operating system, start menu, desktop, and system settings. The course demonstrates how to customize settings, manage files, and create documents using WordPad. There will be discussion on how to protect files and update Windows 10. Students may bring a Windows 10 laptop to class.
654589/10/18-9/12/18Mon / Wed6-9pManitowoc
654609/24/18-9/26/18Mon / Wed9a-12pManitowoc
Life & Leisure
Beginning Jewelry$32.92*
Provides instruction on how to create a pair of freshwater pearl earrings using basic tools and simple jewelry techniques including bending, forming and finishing. All materials and tools are included. Learn about jewelry materials and creation methods from a local artist skilled in design and craftsmanship.
French for Traveler - 1$38.05*
Allows you to acquire a quick and confident grasp of some basic French phrases to make your trip to France more enjoyable. The class will introduce you to the basics of French pronunciation and sounds. Come enjoy a “virtual tour” of France and the French language.
Career Discovery Workshop$27.92/$14.50*
Provides opportunity in this two-day workshop to gain confidence in career and training choices. Students will participate in career assessments, explorations, and construction activities, and develop an action plan to achieve career and life goals!
6561111/12/18-11/14/18Mon / Wed6-8pManitowoc
6561210/16/18-10/18/18Tue / Thur6-8pSheboygan
Concepts for Improving Your Photography$24.63/$4.50*
Teaches the beginner and amateur photographer the basics of still photography. It will explore the three basic features of great photography including light, composition, and interesting subject. Making better use of features such as aperture, flash & shutter speed. The goal is to produce artistic and fun photography for wall display. Bring your fully charged point & shoot or SLR digital camera, manual, charger/batteries & memory cards.
6547510/30/18-11/1/18Tue / Thur6-9pSheboygan
6552510/29/18-10/31/18Mon / Wed6-9pManitowoc
Concepts of Travel Photography$24.63/$4.50*
Adds to your photographic knowledge by teaching the difference between travel and sightseeing photography. Topics include using natural light, techniques for creative photos, public performances, parades and festivals, and other concepts of travel photography. It is highly recommended that students take Concepts for Improving your Photography and Digital SLR prior to enrolling in this course.
6547711/6/18-11/8/18Tue / Thur6-9pSheboygan
6552611/5/18-11/7/18Mon / Wed6-9pManitowoc
Digital Photography with Your Smart Device$24.63/$4.50*
Teaches students not only how to take a photo with your phone or tablet, but also what you can do with your photos after you have taken them! Topics will include the following digital photography basics: how to take photos, how to view and delete photos, how to edit photos, how to share photos, how to create photo projects and order them, and the various digital photography apps available for your smart device.
Holiday Bow Making$16.21
Prepares students to enhance holiday decorating by making hand tied bows. Add them to a wreath on the front door, the mantel, on the tree, or on gifts for any occasion! Students will learn how to hand tie a bow out of ribbon. Ribbon will be provided.
Holiday Center Pieces$25.42
Instructs students on how to custom-make a festive centerpiece for your holiday enjoyment. Choose from fresh greenery to produce a round or oval base that you then decorate with your choice of candles, small ornaments, other decorations, and a bow.
Intro to Knitting$44.76
Will teach the two basic stitches, many variations, and pattern reading. We will make samples,a wash cloth, slippers, and a project of your choice. Bring to class some worsted weight yarn of a solid color (avoid navy or black), and a pair if #10 needles, 10 inches long preferred, and a three ring binder and pen.
Photography: Digital SLR$31.13/$11.00*
Do you have an SLR camera? Want to know more about how to take great pictures and use the features on your camera? This class is for you! Learn the basics of SLR technology features such as portrait, nighttime lighting, fading, etc.
6552210/23/18-10/25/18Tue / Thur6-9pSheboygan
6552410/22/18-10/24/18Mon / Wed6-9pManitowoc
Spanish for Travelers - 1$38.05
Provides a quick and confident grasp of some basic Spanish phrases to make your trip to Spanish speaking countries more enjoyable. The class will introduce you to the basics of Spanish pronunciation and sounds.
Stand Up Speak Up$17.92/$4.50*
Refreshes students on communication skills. This course will focus on making communication skills better; including how to create better presentations and how to handle nerves. There will be discussions on non-verbal communication and listening skills in order to increase skills and help communicate more effectively.
Welding Basics and Beyond$152.65/$52.00*
Introduces the learner to the world of welding. The course includes general shop safety introduction to oxygen/fuel gas supply systems, the oxy/fuel cutting process, plasma cutting, basic cutting and finishing equipment, and the GMAW (Gas Metal Arc-Welding) system, equipment and process.
Workplace Spanish$78.05/$44.50*
Prepare educators and others who need to use basic Spanish to communicate with Spanishspeaking students, customers, or co-workers. This course teaches basic vocabulary and conversational phrases to use in a workplace setting. Students will practice pronunciation and learn minimal grammatical structures to aide in the understanding of the Spanish language.
Understanding Birth Order$17.92
Looks at the way that birth order helps shape one’s personality and the way in which one approaches the world. Discover more about first-borns, middle children, babies, the only child, and what makes them tick. There are strengths and challenges in each position and understanding these can lead to better relationships, parenting, professional and classroom interactions.
6656810/11/18Thur5:30-8pManitowoc Library
6557011/1/18Thur5:30-8pSheboygan Library
Brunch Favorites$28.92
Teaches students how to duplicate some favorite brunch dishes at home. The basics of cooking eggs and making classics with a twist will be covered.
French Pastries$28.92
Teaches how to whip up awe-inspiring pastries in one’s own kitchen in no time! Don’t let the fancy French names fool you, these really are approachable desserts for the home cook.
Fresh Pasta and Sauces$28.92
Teaches students how to make pasta dough from scratch and create noodles of all shapes and sizes. Discover how to prepare simple, seasonal sauces to accompany the pasta.
Home Canning$17.92
Whether you want to preserve fruits and veggies from your own garden and/or want to take advantage of seasonal sales, canning will keep it all fresh for years to come without the worry of a power failure or freezer burn. This is a hands-on, kitchen demo course covering food preparation, water bath canning techniques, and long term storage of canned jars.
Knife Skills and Autumn Soups$28.92
Teaches essential soup-making techniques for creating a variety of classic favorites, and honing essential knife skills. Secrets for layering flavors, creating delicious ingredient combinations and seasoning like a pro will be shared.
Pies and Tarts$28.92
Provides techniques to gain the confidence needed to create stunning pies and tarts at home. Making pies isn’t as hard as you might think!
Spanish Tapas$28.92
Teaches the creation of small portions with a Spanish flare.
Fresh Pasta and Sauces$28.92
Teaches students how to make pasta dough from scratch and create noodles of all shapes and sizes. Discover how to prepare simple, seasonal sauces to accompany the pasta.
Sour Dough Breads$28.92
Teaches how to make sourdough loaves. It’s something everyone can do at home. Learn more about the process and how to make breads for family holiday gatherings. Learn how to keep a little sour dough starter in the refrigerator and how to maintain it.
Holiday Cookies Around the World$28.92
Learn how to wish your family and friends a happy holiday with an array of festive sweets from around the world. Enjoy learning how to bake cookies that could become a new holiday tradition in your home.
Gluten-Free Holiday$28.92
Making sophisticated gluten-free recipes featuring the season's best ingredients is possible. Don't let food allergies cause you to miss enjoying all the deliciousness the holidays bring.
Holiday Menu Comforts$28.92
Learn how to create a hearty, warming, wintery menu that you and your guests will enjoy. Cold weather is the perfect time of year to make many delicious entrees, side dishes, desserts, and beverages.
ServSafe Certification$119.76/$79.50*
Satisfies Wisconsin Statute HSS196.19(2)(a) requirements. The course includes classroom activity, textbook readings, and the testing for food handling certification. The DHSS filing fee is not included in the course fee.
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