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Gardening in Small Spaces$17.92/$4.50*
Prepares learners how to garden differently. Gardening up, raised-bed gardening, and wall gardens are just a few of the topics that will be discussed during this session on maximizing gardening in small spaces.
Organic Gardening$24.63/$4.50*
Covers topics such as: Are you concerned about the rising cost of food? Unsure what the term organic means? Interested in learning how to grow your own vegetables and plants in a sustainable and natural way? Join us to learn all about organic gardening. Topics will also include basic weed control strategies, methods of natural insect control and combating plant disease without using chemicals.
256234/16 - 4/23/19Tue6-9pManitowoc
Perennial Planting$17.92/$4.50*
Prepares the homeowner to incorporate perennial plantings into their yard and garden design, including selecting plants, preparing beds, and caring for hardy perennials.
Shade Gardening$17.92/$4.50*
Teaches the participant all about shady characters! Learn from a master gardener about the numerous plants that thrive in minimal sunlight. You will gain inspiration and techniques on how to effectively plant and maintain shade plants. Discover an extensive list of new and old annuals, perennials, ground covers and shrubs that can be combined in exciting and beautiful ways for shady places. Learn how to develop a shade garden that includes making a garden under trees.
Business & Technology
Computer Basics Beginners Refresher$17.92/$4.50*
Refreshes ones' knowledge of basic computer skills, including common terminology, using the mouse and keyboard, starting programs, and understanding Microsoft Windows. Copy and Paste functions, organizing your files, creating, opening, modifying, and deleting files or folders, and an introduction to cloud computing will also be included.
Computer Maintenance - Basic$24.63/$4.50*
Refreshes ones' knowledge of basic computer skills, including common terminology, using the mouse and keyboard, starting programs, and understanding Microsoft Windows. Copy and Paste functions, organizing your files, creating, opening, modifying, and deleting files or folders, and an introduction to cloud computing will also be included.
Computers: Word 2016-Level 1$31.13/$11*
Focuses on the development of basic computer skills in Word. You will create documents using Microsoft Word 2016 by inserting/deleting text, formatting text, setting line spacing, aligning documents, using templates, changing margins, and using the spelling/grammar function. A jump drive for you to keep is included as part of this course.
256625/14 - 5/16/19Tue-Thu6-9pSheboygan
Computers: Word 2016-Level 2$31.13/$11*
Focuses on the development of intermediate computer skills in Word 2016. You will evaluate the layout of Word documents. A jump drive for you to keep is included as part of this course.
256635/21 - 5/23/19Tue-Thu6-9pSheboygan
Intro to Prezi: a better way to present$17.92/$4.50*
Introduces you to Prezi- a better way to present. Learn how to create, present, and analyze your best presentations ever using the newest kind of software. Instruction includes hands-on organization, creation and delivery of a Prezi presentation.
280745/1 - 5/8/19Wed5:30-8pSheboygan
273154/3 - 4/10/19Wed5:30-8pManitowoc
Life & Leisure
Baby Sign Language$29.63/$9.50*
This is a great way to communicate with your baby and a strategy for avoiding frustration. Discuss the way baby signs can help you understand what your baby needs, learn signs that will help get you started, and end with songs and finger plays that incorporate baby signs. This class is for parents with a baby on the way as well as parents of babies that are 4-15 months old. Parents/caregivers this class is for you so please arrange childcare, if needed. Your instructor, Abigail Anderson, is an experienced sign language interpreter with over twenty years of experience signing and interpreting in a variety of personal and professional settings.
256324/1 - 4/29/19Mon6-7pPlymouth
Understanding Birth Order$17.92
Looks at the way that birth order helps shape one's personality and the way in which one approaches the world. Discover more about first-borns, middle children, babies, the only child, and what makes them tick. There are strengths and challenges in each position and understanding these can lead to better relationships, parenting, professional and classroom interactions.
265944/25/19Mon5:30-8pManitowoc Public Library
Mindful Eating$11.21
Are you tired of and confused by all the diet fads? Are you ready to establish a simple, manageable relationship with food without the pressure to commit to a diet involving deprivation? If so, join me for an informational and interactive class where we will discuss the myths surrounding sugar, fat and the practice of intermittent fasting; as well as the connection of stress and sleep to weight gain and food cravings.
275143/11/19Mon6-8pManitowoc Library
Concepts for Improving Your Photographs$24.63/4.50*
Teaches the beginner and amateur photographer the basics of photography. It will explore the three basic features of great photographs including light, composition, and interesting subject. Making better use of features such as aperture, flash & shutter speed. The goal is to produce artistic and fun photography for display. Bring your fully charged point & shoot or SLR digital camera, manual, charger/batteries & memory cards.
Dashboard Hieroglyphics$17.92/$4.50*
Brief overview of new car dashboard warning lights, what they mean and what to do about them.
Easy Vehicle Driveway Checkup$17.92/$4.50*
You don’t have to be afraid of your vehicle. Automotive Master Technician Chris Bornemann will demonstrate simple preventative vehicle checks to be done monthly that will keep your vehicle operating as designed- safe and running well. Detailed, hands-on examples covering lights, wipers, horn, tires, fluid levels and jump-starting.
CRASE Training 101- Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events$17.92/$4.50
CRASE Training 101- Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events provides useful strategies and guidance to civilians for surviving an active shooter incident. Developed in 2004 under the auspices of the FBI, Department of Justice, and Texas State University, this training includes discussions on both mental and physical human responses to stress and disasters, how to manage these responses, historical trends, and proven tactics built on the AVOID, DENY, DEFEND strategy.
Stand Up Speak Up$17.92/$4.50*
Refreshes students on communication skills. Focuses on making communication skills better; including how to create better presentations and how to handle nerves. There will be discussions on non-verbal communication and listening skills in order to increase skills and help communicate more effectively.
How to Bake Beautiful Bread$28.92
Learn the basics of working with yeast doughs and the art of properly shaping and baking them to perfection! *This is a demonstration class
Steakhouse DIY$28.92
Sizzling, thick and juicy steak is popular the world over, but who needs the crowds of dining out when you can prepare an iconic steakhouse dinner at home? Learn how to make these steakhouse classics at home! *This is a demonstration class
Gluten-Free Gourmet$28.92
Bring the fun back into your food with these gluten-free goodies, both sweet and savory! *This is a demonstration class
Irresistible Hors d'oeuvres$28.92
Jazz up your parties with these fabulous finger foods while learning all about presentation techniques so your food looks as good as it tastes! *This is a demonstration class
An Evening in New Orleans$28.92
Learn about a truly authentic French-Creole feast that's reflective of the melting pot of cultures found in Louisiana. *This is a demonstration class
Fundamentals of Backyard BBQ$28.92
The popularity of BBQ continues to soar, with smoke being an ingredient we crave. But it’s also become overly-complicated and overwhelming. In this class, let’s get back to the basics of making great smoked meats. We’ll cover the evolving smoking equipment options available, as well as wood, ingredients, meat, and methods that’ll give you the skills and knowledge to create delicious BBQ at home.
ServSafe Certification ITV$119.76/$79.50
Satisfies Wisconsin Statute HSS196.19(2)(a) requirements. The course includes classroom activity, textbook readings, and the testing for food handling certification. The DHSS filing fee is not included in the course fee.
255423/19 - 4/9/19Tue6-9pManitowoc
255413/19 - 4/9/19Tue6-9pSheboygan
CPR Heartsaver Adult$43.92/$30.50
Provides training in the recognition and treatment of cardiac arrest and obstructed airway in the adult. Upon successful completion, the student receives a two-year Participation Card from AHA. It may include Blood Borne Pathogens. Recommended retraining is every two years.
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