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Business & Technology
Computers: Word 2016-Level 2$31.13/$11*
Focuses on the development of intermediate computer skills in Word 2016. You will evaluate the layout of Word documents. A jump drive for you to keep is included as part of this course.
256635/21 - 5/23/19Tue-Thu6-9pSheboygan
Life & Leisure
Easy Vehicle Driveway Checkup$11.33/$4.50
You don’t have to be afraid of your vehicle. Automotive Master Technician Chris Bornemann will demonstrate simple preventative vehicle checks to be done monthly that will keep your vehicle operating safely and running well. Detailed, hands-on examples cover lights, wipers, horn, tires, fluid levels, and jump-starting.
Home TV/Internet Options$14.50
Learn which TV services and options best fit your tastes and budget. Whether you bought a streaming stick a few years ago and are wondering if there’s something better today, or you’re experiencing subscription overload and want to weed something out, this class will help you make sense of your options.
413677/17/2019Wed5:30-7:30pSheboygan Public Library
Mindful Eating$14.50
Are you tired of and confused by all the diet fads? Are you ready to establish a simple, manageable relationship with food without the pressure to commit to a diet involving deprivation? If so, join us for this interactive class. We will discuss myths surrounding sugar, fat, intermittent fasting, as well as the connection of stress and sleep to weight gain and food cravings.
4133806/26/2019Wed5:30-7:30 pSheboygan Public Library
No More Jerks/Jerkettes$18.15/$4.50*
Single people will learn in this fun, interactive class what to look for in a healthy relationship and how to identify key markers of an unhealthy relationship. Topics include the 3 Most Important Warning Signs of Difficult Partners, Key Areas to Get to Know Someone You’re Dating, and Keeping your Heart Safe and Judgment Sound.
413667/20/19Sat9a-12pSheboygan, Glas Coffee
Exploring the Food and Wine of the French Riviera$35.50
Jet set to the Cote d'Azur and enjoy a feast featuring the bright and fresh Mediterranean coastal flavors and wines of southeastern France. Enjoy wine pairings with traditionally created dishes. *This is a demonstration class
Fundamentals of Backyard BBQ$35.50
The popularity of BBQ continues to soar, with smoke being an ingredient we crave. But it’s also become overly-complicated and overwhelming. In this class, let’s get back to the basics of making great smoked meats. We’ll cover the evolving smoking equipment options available, as well as wood, ingredients, meat, and methods that’ll give you the skills and knowledge to create delicious BBQ at home.
413847/24/2019Wed6-9pRed Arrow Products
4343 Expo Drive
New England Seafood Party$35.50
Nothing says summer like good, old fashioned New England seafood. This classic New England fare is making its way to the Midwest, so don your preppy best and join us for some chowdah! *This is a demonstration class
Sushi Master$35.50
Be your own sushi master! With our chef's helpful hints, you will learn how easy it really is to make sushi in your own kitchen. *This is a demonstration class
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