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The Promising Futures Scholarship Campaign will make the dream of a college education a reality by addressing three key initiatives:


These scholarships will eliminate financial and other barriers for recent high school graduates with significant financial need. Promise scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors residing in or attending schools within the LTC District and cover the gap between Pell grant awards and LTC tuition.


Adult students who have no ability to fund the costs of tuition, fees and supplies from their family budgets can receive Futures Scholarships ranging from $500-1,500. These scholarships allow adult students the extra financial support they need to finish their college education.


Emergency grants serve a critical need for LTC students. Often it is relatively minor and unanticipated car, healthcare or childcare expense which can derail a committed student’s educational plan. Emergency grants provide immediate financial relief for students in crisis


Please join us in making more scholarships available to willing and ambitious students who otherwise could not afford a technical education. Your gift to the Promising Futures Scholarship Campaign truly will transform lives with an LTC education.

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Karyina Kaminski

Karyina Kaminski - IT Web & Software Developer Student

“Because of assistance I’ve received from the LTC Foundation, I’ve not had to worry about tuition on top of my regular bills. Without these critical funds I might not be here today pursuing my passion, setting myself up to enter our workforce with a greater ability to benefit our economy.”

Marcie Spencer

Marcie Spencer - Nursing-Associate Degree Student

“The scholarships that I received made a difference in my life by decreasing the stress of how I was going to pay for the cost of my tuition and books. I didn’t have to take out as much in student loans and was able to cut back the number of hours that I work at my job outside of school, which also decreases the amount of stress that I have. This also allowed me to concentrate and spend more of my time on my studies.”

Cody Fale

Cody Fale - Industrial-Welding & Fabrication Student

“When I decided to come back to school I was starting over financially, and I really had no clue how I was going to afford to pay for school. Everyone at LTC was great about promoting the scholarship opportunities. Getting help really took a lot of the stress and uncertainty out of going back to school. I am very grateful to everyone that makes LTC Foundation scholarships possible.”

Emanuel Vazquez

Emanuel Vazquez - IT Networking Student

"I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for making a scholarship possible. I will be the first person to go to college in my family and I am really excited to start my career path. Thanks to your generosity I am now one step closer to my goal."

WTCS New North