LTC Announces New Scenario City Public Safety Campaign

The Lakeshore Technical College Foundation has launched a campaign to develop a Scenario City training site designed to provide advanced training opportunities for students enrolled in public safety programs and community first responders.

This fundraising initiative will offset costs of a new $1.5 million five-acre Scenario City Public Safety advanced training complex designed to bring out the best in current and future public safety professionals. These students receive the specialized training needed to improve collaboration in emergency response and hands-on practice in real world situations. The focus is to ensure that area emergency responders, including law enforcement, firefighters, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel, and security professionals have the quality set of advanced skills needed to mitigate challenges, no matter how dire the situation. This project will also help fill the pipeline to meet a growing demand for skilled professionals in this career field.

“The dynamic environment our area emergency responders work in is only increasing in difficulty,” said Ryan Skabroud, LTC Dean of Public Safety. “We seek to increase the diversity of the experiences our public safety students face during training both individually and as a team. It is through a systematic training program, utilizing the most realistic scenario-based learning environment, that we will accomplish this.”

As Public Safety professionals are required to make split second life-saving decisions, training in a realistic scenario-based environment is critical to prepare students to be our everyday heroes. The goal is to ensure that emergency responders who graduate from LTC have the necessary set of skills needed to walk the streets and keep our communities even safer.

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