Flexible Learning Options

Take classes when and where it’s convenient for you with LTC’s flexible learning options. Not only can you choose from day, evening and weekend options, you can also take classes online and choose from blended, Interactive Television (ITV), correspondence, accelerated, and self-paced classes.

Be Flexible

We know you need flexibility when you’re trying to fit college into your busy life. At LTC, how you set your schedule is up to you. Combine our flexible learning options—including blended, online and accelerated classes—with traditional format classes offered during the day, in the evening and on weekends to create the schedule you need. Simply use our Find a Class search and select the course delivery you are interested in.

Blended Classes

Classes have limited weekly meetings with the remainder of class spent online.

Online Classes

Classes are online, using email and a web-based portal for assignments, instructor contact and learning plans. An online orientation is required before registering for these classes.

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

Competency-Based Education (CBE) is learning at your own pace by mastering competencies through demonstration. It is an academic model in which the time it takes to demonstrate competencies varies, while the expectations about learning are held constant. Students demonstrate mastery through multiple forms of assessment, often at a personalized pace. Once all competencies for this program have been assessed and mastered, students will earn their Technical Diploma.

Accelerated Classes

Classes are given in an 8-week, versus 16 –week, format.

ITV (Interactive Television Classes)

Classes are offered via television at the Cleveland, Sheboygan and Manitowoc campuses. Both the instructor and students can communicate, see and hear each other while the instructor remains at the remote site.

Print-Based Correspondence

Classes are offered where students must complete assignments on time, then must deliver them through email, mail or in-person as designated by the instructor. These classes may also contain a testing component in which students must take proctored exams at the Cleveland, Manitowoc or Sheboygan campuses. Should a student reside outside of the area, instructors may permit another approved proctor to administer any exams.


Classes are offered as print-based correspondence courses, but have online lab components as well. These classes are typically math courses only.

Flex Lab

Students work at their own pace in a lab setting during open lab hours. These classes are typically keyboading courses only.

Independent Study

Students work with the instructor, typically one-on-one with Dean approval, to complete a course. These may involve varying components, including print-based correspondence.