Start College in High School with Career Prep

Career Prep promotes and supports high school to college transitions for students. Career Prep allows middle and high schools to partner with LTC to help provide career exploration and dual credit opportunities for the middle and high school students.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit refers to the granting of high school graduation credit for college courses. Students participating in dual credit courses are enrolled in a course which satisfies both high school and college requirements.* These courses are generally offered at the high school in cooperation with the local school district. The local school district will govern the granting of high school graduation credit requirements.

The main goal of Lakeshore Technical College's Dual Credit Option is to enable students to earn college credits while completing their high school requirements. A successfully completed dual credit course earns the student high school credit in addition to college credit.

Benefits of Dual Credits
  • Enhance the current high school curriculum
  • Address students' unique interests, abilities and attitudes
  • Prepare students for work and/or further educational endeavors
  • Improve the transition of students from high school to college
  • Provide courses that introduce the student to career options
  • Provide options for high school students who have completed the graduation requirements
  • Provide an affordable option to college credit courses
Awarding of Credit

Upon completion of the course, students will earn college credit and their official college transcript will indicate courses completed, credits earned, and final grades. The local high school district will determine the number of high school credits granted for the college course and final grade for high school transcript. Some districts give honor credit or additional merit when using college credits to calculate the students overall grade point average (GPA).

Dual Credit Guidelines
  • Courses are college-level and are of the same high quality, cover the same content, and have the same rigor as other college-credit courses offered by LTC.
  • Courses can be taken for college and high school credit.
  • Students must enroll as a LTC student.
  • Students will be subject to all LTC's policies and procedures.
  • All instructors of dual credit courses must meet the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and LTC certification requirements.
  • Student Eligibility
  • Must be a high school student
  • Student access to LTC's Dual Credit Option requires approval from the principal
How to Enroll

Students wishing to participate should talk with their parents and high school counselor before enrolling. Then, the student must obtain a Registration Form and have the form signed by a parent and their high school principal or use the online registration form provide by CESA 7.

For additional information about LTC's Dual Credit Option, contact:

Jackie Holly
Dual Credit Manager

Some high schools also have Advanced Standing and/or Transcripted Credit Agreements with LTC. Students are eligible to receive technical college credit if they successfully complete a high school course that is aligned with a course at the college and has an Articulation Agreement.

* Students should contact the college they plan to attend to verify the transferability of college credits earned through the Dual Credit Options.

High School to LTC Articulation Agreements

Articulation agreements are great opportunities to start earning credits while you're still in high school. An articulation agreement is a course offering agreement made between high schools and Lakeshore Technical College. You can take select college classes without ever leaving your high school to begin earning credit toward Lakeshore Technical College programs at no cost. Course offering agreements (articulation agreements) are in place with area high schools for both transcripted and advanced standing opportunities.

Articulation Request

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