Graduate Profiles

We hear it a lot: LTC is an affordable option close to home, and its hands-on training and top-not instructors can’t be beat. Now it’s your chance read about why LTC grads chose our college, and why they’re happy they did.

Andy Behrensprung
Graphic and Web Design, Class of 2010

Andy Behrensprung describes himself as a hands-on learner, so it’s fitting that he found himself at a computer on his first day in LTC’s Graphic and Web Design program. “A few years ago, I started screen printing on my own to make a few extra dollars, and when I got laid off from my job, I figured graphic design was the best way to advance my knowledge,” Andy said. “The LTC teachers really know their stuff, and now I run my shop even more efficiently.” Thanks to friendly, resourceful staff and countless networking opportunities, Andy says LTC has changed his life. “I know I have the knowledge and confidence to take what I learned to the next level,” Andy said. “I was given an opportunity to make my life better, and I chose LTC. I'm glad I did.” Andy’s advise for future students: “If you are thinking about attending LTC, I say GO FOR IT! You will not be disappointed.”

Louise Wentker
Hotel and Hospitality Management, Class of 2010

After attending two colleges in pursuit of an education degree, Louise Wentker stumbled upon a passion for hospitality, enrolled in LTC’s Hotel and Hospitality Management program and never looked back. The decision, she says, was both economical and a refreshing change of pace. “At LTC, we spend a lot of time putting our real-life experiences into our classrooms,” Louise said. “We take a combination of textbook learning and hands-on learning so everyone benefits from the classes.” She believes LTC’s emphasis on technical education is exactly what has kept her interested in the program and has helped build her enthusiasm about the industry. “When I graduate, I will have already applied the theory I learned in the books,” Louise said. “I will have a little advantage on the graduates from colleges do not have their students practice right away what they are taught.” Louise’s advice for future students: “Always keep an open mind. Never say no to something new and adventurous.”

Jason Solis
Criminal Justice, Class of 2010

It was affordability, proximity and a solid reputation that pushed Jason Solis to enroll at LTC, but he says it’s the progressive, hands-on atmosphere that made him stick around. “Technical education programs give students more than just lecture and videos; they give students hands-on training,” said Jason, a student in LTC’s Criminal Justice associate degree program. “The school also has made the latest advancements in technology and education, such as the Driving Skills Course and the Wind Energy Technology program.” He also says he values the relationships he’s formed while in school.“Being in class with people who have the same desire to serve and protect our community, we have become an extended family,” Jason said. “I’ve also gotten the opportunity to interact with the community and make connections with individuals who have succeeded already in the criminal justice field.” Jason’s advice for future students: “Now is the best time to begin the process of postsecondary education.”

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