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Youth Apprenticeship Application

Thank you for your interest in the Sheboygan Area Youth Apprenticeship program. Every student interested in participating in the Youth Apprenticeship program is required to complete the online application. Submitting an application does not guarantee a Youth Apprenticeship placement.

All sections of the application must be completed and your answers must be thorough. Completed applications are sent to employers and your application is their first impression of you. Proper grammar, punctuation and spelling is a must.

The YA application also includes questions on why you would like to participate in the YA program. Please take your time on this section and answer each question in detail; full sentences, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is expected. It may be helpful to have someone proof-read this section of your application.

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Or contact:

Tanya Jaeger
Youth Apprenticeship Manager
Lakeshore Technical College