Microsoft Test Out

If you are unsure whether or not you should attempt to test out, course descriptions and competencies are listed below.  You are only given one opportunity to test out.


Excel 2013–

Level 1 introduces the student to:

  • Creating, modifying and formatting worksheets
  • Entering formulas and functions
  • Working with charts
  • Developing multiple-sheet workbooks


  • Create Excel spreadsheet
  • Formatting a workbook
  • Create formulas and functions
  • Create charts and graphics

Word 2013 –

Level 1 introduces the student to word processing features such as:

  • Creating, saving, editing, formatting and printing documents
  • Creating basic diagrams
  • Applying these concepts to produce usable documents


  • Create Microsoft Word correspondence documents
  • Format a Word document
  • Edit a Word document
  • Format an Academic document
  • Insert tables into documents
  • Create multiple-page documents

PowerPoint 2013 –

Level 1 introduces the student to:

  • Slide presentation features
  • Working with master slides
  • Setting up and running slide shows
  • Inserting graphics
  • Adding footers
  • Applying animations and transitions


  • Create a new presentation
  • Add media and special effects to a presentation
  • Create and modify media and charts
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