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Job Title:ABE/GED/HSED Instructional Assistant - Manitowoc County Jail (Part-Time)
Location:LTC Manitowoc - Manitowoc, WI
Full/Part Time:Part Time
Employment/Salary Classification:

Support Staff - $16.66 per hour

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Job Description

Provide instructional assistance to students in the Manitowoc County Jail and conduct individual interviews, testing, and group orientations to enroll students in ABE/GED/HSED classes and services. Provide program support.
Job Description
• Monitor, maintain, and oversee the classroom materials and computer lab stations. 
• Provide instructional assistance through individual tutoring in the basic subject areas. 
• Orientate students to ABE/GED/HSED programs and distribute appropriate instructional lab materials. 
• Assist students in accessing computer programs used as a learning tool. Install and maintain computer software and troubleshoot technical problems. 
• Maintain communication between inmates/students, LTC instructors, and Correctional Staff.
• Conduct orientation/registration sessions. 
• Provide information to students related to the program, its requirements, current schedule, and current offerings. 
• Administer and explain student record documentation (registrations, demographics, student conduct code, PEP) to students and assist them with the completion. 
• Administer, score, and record initial assessments. 
• Facilitate the development of educational and employment goals. 
• Develop files to maintain student data. 
• Assist current students to reach their academic and/or employment goals through instructional assistance, encouragement, and motivation. 
• Maintain daily attendance. Communicate enrollments, attendance, and grades to data entry staff.
• Assist with maintaining records, files, and reports.
• Assist with the HSED/GED graduation process.
• Participate as a member of the team by attending appropriate and approved meetings, training activities, and professional development activities.
• Follow policies, procedures, and mechanisms to ensure integrity and security of academic records. 
• Promote a positive image of LTC both internally and externally. 
• Maintain adequate supplies of materials in the classroom. Assist with set up for on-site GED/HSED testing.
• Provide 5 Star Service throughout all customer interactions.
Recruitment Period
Beginning June 28, 2019
Closing Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; however, to ensure full consideration, application should be submitted for receipt no later than July 12, 2019