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Job Title:English Language Learners (ELL) Part-Time Faculty
Location:LTC Sheboygan - Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Full/Part Time:Part Time
Employment/Salary Classification:
Per Part-Time Faculty Salary Schedule

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Job Description

Provide instruction to limited English language students, using varying methods of instruction to fit the needs of individuals and groups. Areas taught are speaking and listening English, Reading, Writing, and Grammar. Facilitate learning using a defined curriculum. Assess student performance and outcomes. Develop and maintain current course materials working as a team with other ELL instructors. Provide direction to instructional assistants for tutorial and/or small group work.

Responsible for placing learning first and providing educational experiences for learners in various formats, schedules, and in various places in accordance with the mission of the college inclusive of: facilitating learning, assessing student performance as well as instruction and outcomes, developing and maintaining current/relevant course materials, and communicating with the community, other schools, the college, the division, and team members. Provide 5 Star Service throughout all customer interactions.
Recruitment Period
Beginning February 03, 2017
Closing Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.