LTC Academic Calendar

DateEvent Name
08-15-2014Summer Semester Ends
08-18-2014Payment Arrangements Due for Fall
08-20-2014First Installment of Payment Plan Due for Fall
09-02-2014Fall Semester Starts
09-20-2014Second Installment of Payment Plan Due for Fall
09-23-2014Fall Financial Aid Disbursement Begins
09-30-2014Last Day to Sign Up for Fall Payment Plan
10-20-2014Third Installment of Payment Plan Due for Fall
10-22-2014First Quarter Ends
10-23-2014Applications for Spring/Summer Graduation Due
10-23-2014Second Quarter Begins
11-10-2014 to 11- 11-2014Shopping Cart Assistance 10:30am-1:30pm
11-11-2014Returning Veterans Begin Registering for Spring/Winterim
11-12-2014May/August Grads Begin Registering for Spring/Winterim
11-14-2014Returning Students Begin Registering for Spring/Winterim
11-18-2014Walk In Assistance for New Students to Register for Spring/Winterim 10am-5pm
11-21-2014General Public Begins Registering for Spring/Winterim
11-24-2014 to 11- 26-2014Fall Break
11-27-2014 to 11- 28-2014Thanksgiving Break
12-19-2014First Semester Ends
12-24-2014 to 01-01-2015Holiday Break
01-05-2015 to 01-23-2015Winterim
01-10-2015First Installment of Payment Plan Due for Spring
01-10-2015Payment Arrangements Due for Spring
01-26-2015Second Semester Begins
02-10-2015Spring Financial Aid Disbursed (all week)
02-10-2015Second Installment of Payment Plan Due for Spring
02-24-2015Last Day to Sign Up for Spring Payment Plan
03-10-2015Third Installment of Payment Plan Due for Spring
03-13-2015Third Quarter Ends
03-16-2015 to 03-20-2015Spring Break
03-23-2015Fourth Quarter Begins
03-24-2015Applications for December Graduation Due
03-30-2015Enrollment Appointments and Shopping Carts Available for Students
04-01-2015 to 04-07-2015In Class Sessions and Shopping Cart Assistance
04-07-2015Returning Service Members Begin Registering for Summer/Fall
04-08-2015December Grads Begin Registering for Summer/Fall
04-10-2015Returning Students Begin Registering for Summer/Fall
04-15-2015New Student Service Members Registration for Summer/Fall 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
04-15-2015New Student Registration for Summer/Fall 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
04-22-2015General Public Begins Registering for Summer/Fall
05-15-2015Spring Term Ends
05-21-2015Summer Payment Arrangements Due
06-01-2015Summer Semester Begins
08-14-2015Summer Semester Ends

Non-Dynamic Academic Calendar

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