52 Lakeshore Apprenticeship Students Receive Scholarships




Fifty-two Lakeshore Technical College apprenticeship students have each received $2,000 scholarships from Ascendium Education Group. This is Ascendium’s 10th year providing scholarships to construction and trade apprentices in the Wisconsin Technical College System. Over $1.5 million was awarded this year to 771 apprentices to help them overcome financial barriers. 

Most apprenticeships combine up to five years of classroom instruction with paid on-the-job training. Wages are modest during an apprenticeship, and financial aid options are limited. With Tools of the Trade scholarships, apprentices can purchase tools, clothing, and equipment critical to learning their trades. 

“Ascendium’s support is greatly appreciated as our state continues to expand construction and trade apprenticeships to meet employer demand. The scholarships are especially welcomed by students juggling coursework, a job, and family,” said Lakeshore Dean of Applied Technology/Economic Development Jeff Grunewald.  

Apprenticeships enrolled in by the students awarded scholarships include industrial electrician, machinist, maintenance mechanic, maintenance mechanic/millwright, maintenance technician, mechatronics technician, millwright, moldmaker, tool and die, and tool and die/moldmaker.

According to Ascendium’s website, the organization sees apprenticeship as an opportunity for upward mobility by providing learners with a pathway to a well-paying job, particularly for those from low-income backgrounds. 

Information about apprenticeships offered by Lakeshore can be found at gotoltc.edu/programs-and-courses/apprenticeship

Students receiving scholarships are listed by their hometown:

Nathan Adams, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright

Nick Ashworth, Mechatronics Technician 

Kenneth Behr, Maintenance Technician

Benjamin Beyer, Maintenance Technician

Matthew Biely, Industrial Electrician

Joshua Braddy, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright

Fond du Lac
Micah Conant, Maintenance Technician

Howards Grove
Efrain Cortes Rivera, Industrial Electrician; James Cummings, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright; Chase Dahmer, Mechatronics Technician

Adriana Diaz, Industrial Electrician; Zakery Elliott, Industrial Electrician; Joseph Frank, Industrial Electrician; Ronald Grawien, Industrial Electrician; Justin Hand, Machinist; Andrew Hanke, Machinist; Mark Herman, Machinist; Eric Holdorf, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright; Joshua Klebs, Maintenance Technician; Anthony Klein, Maintenance Technician; Cody Konik, Maintenance Technician; Tyler Kurth, Maintenance Technician; Bryan LaForest, Maintenance Technician; Jeremy Lampe, Tool & Die

Larry Landwehr, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright

Tommy Lee, Industrial Electrician; Dennis Macheel, Maintenance Mechanic; Ryan Madden, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright; Michael McVey, Maintenance Technician; Levi Meetz, Maintenance Technician

Port Washington
Joseph Moore, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright             

Elias Mueller, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright

Jose Padron, Industrial Electrician; Ryan Pieri, Industrial Electrician; John Prucha, Maintenance Mechanic; Alarcon Raul, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright; Jordan Rodriguez, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright; Eric Schmidt, Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright; Brandon Schweisthal, Maintenance Technician; Adam Siburt, Maintenance Technician; Kevin Sieracki, Maintenance Technician; Brian Smith, Maintenance Technician; Tristan Stiebs, Maintenance Technician; Jacob Vue, Maintenance Technician; Rodney Wallace, Moldmaker; Brian Wiegand, Tool & Die; Tim Wolff, Tool & Die/Moldmaker 

Sheboygan Falls
John Wright, Industrial Electrician

Two Rivers
Teng Xiong, Maintenance Technician; Luke Yanda, Millwright

Joseph Yang, Maintenance Technician

West Bend
Caleb Zinn, Industrial Electrician 

About Lakeshore Technical College

Lakeshore Technical College is a comprehensive community and technical college educating more than 8,000 students annually. Students enroll at Lakeshore to master real-world, employable career skills and start their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. Lakeshore faculty and staff are focused on providing each individual student an individualized learning experience.
Lakeshore Technical College is a nationally recognized two-year college. The college was ranked the #2 in the nation by Washington Monthly, #17 in the nation by Forbes, #20 in the nation by WallerHub.com, a top-150 two-year college by the Aspen Institute, a top 10 Bellwether Award finalist four out of the last five years, and named the 2021 Large Business/Industry of the Year by the Chamber of Manitowoc County.
Approximately 800 students graduate from Lakeshore each year, and associate degree graduates report earning a median salary of $59,899 within six months of graduating. In addition to the Cleveland campus, Lakeshore educates students at learning campuses in downtown Manitowoc and downtown Sheboygan, as well as in rural Manitowoc County at its School of Ag. Classes are also offered at additional sites throughout the district. Visit Lakeshore at gotoltc.edu



Ascendium Education Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping people reach the education and career goals that matter to them. Ascendium invests in initiatives designed to increase the number of students from low-income backgrounds who complete postsecondary degrees, certificates and workforce training programs, with an emphasis on first-generation students, incarcerated adults, rural community members, students of color and veterans. Ascendium's work identifies, validates and expands best practices to promote large-scale change at the institutional, system and state levels, with the intention of elevating opportunity for all. For more information, visit https://www.ascendiumphilanthropy.org.