What is apprenticeship?

  • Apprenticeship, to put it simply, is an opportunity to earn while you learn. If you want a career in a skilled trade, apprenticeship is the best way to get there. You'll combine on–the–job training with on–campus learning so you'll have the best of both worlds when it comes to learning the skills you need to get ahead. And you earn a paycheck while you learn those skills.
  • Find out more on the Apprenticeship web site or view frequently asked questions.

For future apprentices - How do I become an apprentice? How do I apply?

  • Application procedures vary from trade to trade, geographically, and in the construction, industrial, and service sectors.
  • For industrial sector trades, you apply directly to the employer or company that you want to work for that sponsors the apprenticeship program for the trade you're interested in. The employer determines the criteria to place applicants into the program. Click on the trade you're interested in below.

For employers - How do I hire an apprentice? Who do I contact?

  • The Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards' local Apprenticeship Training Representative, or ATR, will assist you in securing the information that you desire. The list of the representatives is available in the "Who Do I Contact?" section on the Apprenticeship web page. To find out more specifics concerning the apprenticeship for each trade, click on the trade name below. For an industrial employer, please submit your application in BASERS. Contact your ATR for more details on how to use BASERS. 

Apprenticeship Programs at Lakeshore - Industrial

Apprenticeship Calendars

July 1, 2023- June 30, 2024 School Year

Additional Information for New Apprentices

Further Information

For more information about applying for an apprenticeship and approximate costs, please contact the Lakeshore Apprenticeship Office at 920.693.1279.