Student Testimonials

Bryce Pautz

“I chose LTC because it is close to home, but I also thought it was the best fit for me. The instructors here at LTC want to see you succeed. They will do whatever they have to do to see you succeed. I am enjoying the Fire Medic program because it challenges me as a person. I would recommend LTC to others because it is a positive environment, and everyone wants you to thrive in whatever program you are in.” 
-Bryce Pautz, Fire Medic student


Heather Goodman

“Applying for this program (Kohler-sponsored tuition reimbursement) is one of the best things I have ever done. My husband and I feel great knowing I am guaranteed a job after leaving college, and I will be using my degree right away. I would tell anyone who is passionate about a culinary career to go for it and consider this tuition reimbursement with paid work opportunity.”
-Heather Goodman, Culinary Arts student


Cade Livermore

“Whether you are an independent learner or someone who needs a little extra guidance, it (competency-based education) works out. For scheduling it is amazing as well, if you work in the morning, no problem, come in after work. Night shift? Perfect, come in before you work. CBE is very flexible for students and it works great for anyone, no matter what their schedule.” 
-Cade Livermore, CNC Technician student


Zayla Mueller

“I chose LTC because of the guaranteed in-person learning. Being in the Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement program is very involved, and it has provided me with different career opportunities. I recommend LTC because no matter what program you are in, the faculty is looking out for your best interest. LTC will help you achieve your desired goals within the program that you choose.”
-Zayla Mueller, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement student