College Mission, Planning, Budget & Reports


Transform individuals to strengthen our communities through innovative and accessible learning.


The community’s driver for individual, social, cultural, and economic vitality.

Strategic Focus: (College Scorecard)

The first step to learning is for students to access our institution.
We need to graduate students in a timely manner; enrollment and retention are not enough.
We will increase the percentage of graduates employed in their field of study and the number of graduates who transfer to a four-year college.
We will close equity gaps in student success by focusing on every individual and charting a new, intentional course forward.

Belief Statements:

  • Anyone can learn anything under the right circumstances
  • Degree completion results in better socioeconomic outcomes
  • Students want to complete their degree sooner rather than later
  • Equity gaps are unjust
  • Students we educate must be better off because of what we do
  • We drive change to best serve our students and community