Therapy Dog Lifting Spirits at Lakeshore Technical College




“Dog days” has a new definition for students and staff at Lakeshore Technical College. They are now the Mondays that Elliot, a black Lab therapy dog, visits campus from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Elliot belongs to Dr. Julie Konik, psychology instructor at Lakeshore Technical College, and her wife, Christine Smith. Elliot was one of two dogs the couple adopted from a rescue organization in 2019. The idea for bringing a dog to campus for therapy purposes came to Konik in spring 2021.

Equipped with sample policies from colleges offering pet therapy and scientific data showing dogs can alleviate stress and improve mental well-being for students, Konik met with Lakeshore President Dr. Paul Carlsen. He liked the idea and brought it to Lakeshore’s leadership team, which gave approval for Konik to pursue the effort. 

“Having therapy dog visits on campus is a unique way to help students and staff get a break from the stressors they may be facing in their lives,” said Carlsen. “When Julie shared the concept of having a therapy dog on campus, I could tell she was not only passionate about it, but also educated regarding the real benefits this could bring to our campus.”

Elliot became certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs over the summer of 2021 and began visiting campus the week before students arrived for that fall semester. This gave him the opportunity to become acclimated to the college by visiting with a limited number of staff, who warmly welcomed him.

In addition to improving the mental well-being of students and staff, Konik says Elliot has helped many of the regular visitors get to know one another. “This effort is helping build relationships, something wonderful that is lasting beyond the Monday visits,” she says.

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Students and staff can visit with Elliot, the therapy dog who visits Lakeshore Technical College’s Cleveland campus.
Students and staff can visit with Elliot, the therapy dog who visits Lakeshore Technical College’s Cleveland campus.


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