Business & Industry Facilities

Captioning LabComputer RoomCPR CenterMac LabNetworking Lab

Building the Business Future

No matter if they are maintaining an IT network, working in a law office, managing a production team or creating marketing materials, today’s business graduates require a combination of professional skills and technological savvy. At LTC, our business and technology students go a step further in their training. Through their programs we put them in the places where they gain the experience that allows them to jump into a career with confidence and be successful right from the start.

Networking Lab

This computer lab holds networking equipment including servers, network hardware and routers. IT-Network Specialist students use the computer stations to complete hardware and software installations, create overall computer network strategies, analyze ideas and processes, and troubleshoot problems.

Mac Lab

Graphic and Web Design students use the lab’s twenty stations for basic design courses like Design Fundamentals and typography and for software classes including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Large work tables allow students to share their print work and offer feedback to their colleagues. This room is also home to Studio 131 where students
complete smaller real-world design projects for internal and external clients.

CPR (Computer Problem Resolution) Center

This computer support “store front” offers repair services to LTC staff and students. Staffed by IT students, the CPR center is open while classes are in session.

Captioning Lab

Six private stations with captioning equipment allow students to practice transcription techniques and complete assignments. Students learn to use machine shorthand for realtime reporting and to write literary material, jury charge material and two-voice testimony in preparation for gaining certification as a certified Broadcast Captioner.

Computer Room

IT-Computer Support Specialist students meet in this computer room to learn to support various operating systems and software applications and troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

Dual Purpose Labs

These classrooms allow students in programs like Accounting, Marketing and Human Resources Management to work and study utilizing a flat surface work area with the option of “popping up” a computer monitor and work station, making it an extremely usable and flexible workspace.