Mission, Goals & Outcomes

Mission Statement:  The mission of the radiography program at Lakeshore Technical College is to develop dedicated professionals who exhibit imaging excellence with high quality customer service. The program strives toward academic success through continuous improvement and a competency based format.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Students/Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking.
  • Goal 2: Students/Graduates will demonstrate good communication skills.
  • Goal 3: Students/Graduates will possess the knowledge and skills of an entry level radiographer and are able to perform competently in the clinical setting.
  • Goal 4: Students/Graduates will model professional and ethical behavior
  • Goal 5: Graduates will successfully complete the ARRT Certification Examination and enter the field to meet the needs of the community

Program Outcomes

  • 1.1. Students will successfully adapt to non-routine radiographic exams (critical thinking)
  • 1.2. Students evaluate non-diagnostic images
  • 1.3. Students will determine how to correct non-diagnostic images


  • 2.1. Student / graduate will communicate effectively in the clinical setting
  • 2.2. Student / graduate will communicate effectively with professional staff
  • 2.3. Student / graduate will use effective communicate skills


  • 3.1. Student / graduate will possess knowledge in performing radiographic procedures
  • 3.2. Students/graduates will demonstrate competence in performing radiographic procedures
  • 3.3. Students will be able to retain knowledge of routine procedures
  • 3.4. Students/graduate will demonstrate radiation protection


  • 4.1. Students/graduates will demonstrate professionalism
  • 4.2. Students will demonstrate a high level of ethical practice
  • 4.3. Students will obtain any professional membership related to radiography


  • 5.1. Graduates will pass the ARRT exam
  • 5.2. Graduates will be employed
  • 5.3. Graduates will complete the program within a two year period
  • 5.4. Graduates will indicate overall satisfaction with the program.
  • 5.5 Employers will indicate overall satisfaction with graduate’ performance.