Support Lakeshore

There are many ways for you to support your alma mater and make college a reality for future alum. You can contribute to our annual campaign, partner with the college on private funding of campus projects, sponsor a specific program or offer an-kind contribution.

Annual Campaign

The Lakeshore Technical College Foundation, Inc. conducts an Annual Fundraising Campaign to seek scholarship and program support from a wide variety of donors. Campaigns are conducted for internal staff, as well as Friends of Lakeshore from our community. Donors are invited to support specific initiatives or offer funds to be used for the areas of greatest need as determined by the Foundation board.

To make a donation, please download our contribution form.

Scholarship Support

Scholarship is one of our main initiatives. The Lakeshore Foundation, Inc. operates two scholarship cycles each year in November and April to award more than 70 scholarships for all areas of programming. One application is completed by a student and their qualifications are measured against every award for eligibility.

To support and design your own scholarship, please follow the following links to the instructions, form and list of potential criteria.

Scholarship Initiation - Form

Please note: The Lakeshore Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Committee will administer your scholarship and select award winners based on the donor's criteria. Award winners will be announced each time the award is made.

Program Support

The Lakeshore Foundation, Inc. supports many programs to meet the needs of the future. If you would like to sponsor a specific program, please contact us.

Capital Projects

As the campus and needs of Lakeshore grow, the Lakeshore Foundation, Inc. plays an important role in partnering private-funding of campus projects. If you are interested in participating in a building project, please contact us at or 920.693.1000. Naming rights may be available for specific projects.

In-Kind Contributions

The Lakeshore Foundation, Inc. is the receiving agent for all in-kind, non-cash contributions made to Lakeshore Technical College. If you are working with a staff member, or have some non-cash property you would like to donate, please review the following form.

Non-Cash Contribution Form (.pdf)

Golf Outing

Join us for a great day of golf every summer to support scholarships! Go to for more information.