Employee Reimbursement Payment Plan from Lakeshore

If your employer has an education reimbursement policy, you can take advantage of this payment method at Lakeshore.

All you need to do is complete 4 steps:

  1. Register for course in person and pay $50 down payment per course registered.
  2. Provide a copy of your employer’s reimbursement policy.
  3. Fill out Lakeshore Employee Reimbursement Form (see link below).
  4. Make final payment 6 weeks after your course ends.

Fill out the Employee Reimbursement Form


  1. Student needs all 3 pieces of information for this to be noted on the students account.
    1. Student must make $50 payment per class at time of registration.
    2. Student must give proof of HR employer reimbursement policy to Lakeshore along with signed agreement form.
    3. Fill out Lakeshore Employee Reimbursement Form.
  2. Student will get billed electronically/email after 6 weeks after class end date. If multiple classes student will get billed after latest class end date.
  3. Late fees of $100 after 90 of no payment will be charged if no payment received at the 6 week deferred billing date. Student may also be subject for collections.
  4. If company does not give them the money, student is still liable to pay.

For more information

Call 1.888.GO TO LTC