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The Value of Praising Effectively          

*A224: Room A224 is in the Agriculture and Energy Building. Use West Campus Drive entrance.

Course Descriptions

Hunt the Good Stuff

Making a daily habit of finding and reflecting on good things throughout your day can be worth the effort. To generate positive emotion such as gratitude, compassion, and love, we need to fight the negativity bias or tendency to pay more attention to more of the bad things that happen in our lives than the good. We’ll address how to counter negativity bias, create positive emotion, notice and analyze what is good. 

Detect Icebergs Through Self Awareness

We’ll identify and evaluate core beliefs and values that fuel “icebergs,” which are emotions and reactions that grow out of proportion. Once your iceberg has been identified by going through a four-question process, we’ll explore:

  • Whether you believe or value your iceberg & whether it is overly rigid in some situations
  • How your iceberg might be getting in your way & what specific actions you would take if you want to change your iceberg
  • What you can do to change your emotions or reactions to make these types of situations go better for yourself & others

Problem Solving in the Workplace

Learn to accurately identify what causes problems and identify solution strategies by asking yourself key questions. We’ll also explore how to use evidence and find the true cause for problems, and options for taking action.

The Value of Praising Effectively

Praising effectively builds mastery and winning streaks. It also helps you build strong relationships. We’ll explore the four ways to respond to people when they share a positive experience. Learning how to use the right response type will help you build confidence and optimism, as well as enable winning streaks.

All sessions are taught by Amanda Kollmorgan.


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