Firearm Safety Course for Concealed Carry Weapon Licenses

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*Public Safety Building on LTC's Cleveland Campus, 1290 North Avenue
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This model curriculum has been developed to support implementation of 2011 Wisconsin Act 35. This course provides an overview of handgun safety practices and concealed carry considerations. It is designed as a safety course, not a training course. For example, this course teaches you how to identify a loaded handgun and how to safely unload it, but does not teach how to load or fire a handgun. This class meets the state's education requirements for students to acquire a Wisconsin CCW License/Permit. Additional fees and applications are the responsibility of the student. (Note: This course does not substitute for practice and training in handgun operation. Furthermore, it does not address all the provisions of Wisconsin Act 35, such as changes to laws governing knives or electric weapons.)

Competencies and Learning Objectives

In this course, students will learn the basics of firearm safety and Wisconsin requirements and considerations regarding the carry of a concealed weapon.

Recognize the Wisconsin Department of Justice process for obtaining, maintaining, and renewing a concealed carry permit.
  • Complete an application to obtain a permit to carry concealed.
  • Collect the items needed to be submitted with the application.
  • Review the process for renewing the permit.
  • Provide a change of address when necessary.
Accept responsibility for firearm safety in your home and in public.
  • Adhere to the four rules of firearm safety.
  • Demonstrate how to safely unload your weapon.
  • Advise your family on the safety rules for weapons in your home.
  • Advise your children what to do when they come across a weapon.
  • Review Wis. Stat. § 948.55, Leaving or storing a loaded firearm within the reach or easy access of a child.
Analyze considerations regarding the carry of a concealed weapon.
  • Identify ways to conceal a weapon.
  • Maintain control of your weapon.
  • Avoid the need to use your weapon.
  • Demonstrate what to do if you are encountered by law enforcement.
Discuss the legal implications of carrying a concealed weapon.
  • Identify the elements of the Wisconsin concealed carry law.
  • Review Wis. Stat. § 939.48, Self defense and the defense of others.
  • Review Wis. Stat. § 939.49, Defense of property and protection of retail theft.
  • List the locations where you cannot carry concealed.

About the presenter:

Jason Wilterdink has 15 years of experience as a Law Enforcement Officer, including being a full time law enforcement officer for a medium-sized Wisconsin city.  Jason also served in an international police mission for the United Nations where he served in Liberia-West Africa as the team leader for the crowd control team and lead instructor for physical security, operational security, and civil unrest in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 1509.  Jason earned a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership and quality from Marian University.  

Jason is currently a full-time instructor at Lakeshore, a master instructor in use of force, and tactical response.  Jason is a certified instructor in firearms, and many other law enforcement disciplines.  Jason serves on the Scenario Training Advisory Committee for the WI DOJ.  Jason has served as an instructor in self-defense, training, safety, security, health, wellness, and fitness.  



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