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Machine Guarding

Protect your employees from preventable injuries.

Seminar Title Date Time Class # Fee Room
Machine Guarding Mar 12, 2021 (F) 8:00 a.m. - Noon 22238 $169 A224**
Machine Guarding Mar 12, 2021 (F) 8:00 a.m. - Noon 26096 $169 Live Webinar

Fees are higher for out-of-state students.

*P109: Seminar takes place at LTC Cleveland Campus in the Public Safety Training Center; use East Campus Drive entrance.
**A224: Seminar takes place at LTC Cleveland Campus in the Agriculture and Energy Building; use West Campus Drive entrance.

Course Description

Machinery and equipment in the workplace is full of various kinds of moving parts.  Moving parts create workplace hazards and potential machinery-related injuries.  Understanding the various types, purposes, and legal requirements for machine safeguarding can help you protect workers from preventable injuries.

This seminar will clearly highlight OSHA’s requirements for machine guarding, as found in 29 CFR 1910 Subpart O, Machinery and Machine Guarding.  During the seminar, a thorough explanation and discussion of current general industry compliance practices will address these specific components:

  • 1910.211 — Definitions
  • 1910.212 — General requirements for all machines
  • 1910.213 — Woodworking machinery
  • 1910.214 — Cooperage machinery [Reserved]
  • 1910.215 — Abrasive wheel machinery
  • 1910.216 — Mills and calendars in the rubber/plastics industries
  • 1910.217 — Mechanical power presses
  • 1910.218 — Forging machines
  • 1910.219 — Mechanical power-transmission apparatus


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