OSHA - When and What to Expect in an OSHA Visit?

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When and What to Expect in an OSHA Visit?          

*A224: Room A224 is in the Agriculture and Energy Building. Use West Campus Drive entrance.

Course Description

Why does every manager and supervisor in manufacturing and construction dread the visit of an OSHA Compliance Health and Safety Officer (CSHO)? Do you have the following questions?

  • When might you expect an OSHA visit? 
  • How do you prepare for an OSHA Audit?
  • What injuries must be directly reported to OSHA?
  • What happens when you report a serious injury or fatality to OSHA?
  • What happens during an OSHA Inspection, and what happens after the inspection?

Knowledge is the best way to be prepared for any OSHA visit.

This class is recommended for:
Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Managers and Leaders, Engineers, Human Resources Managers, Manufacturing and Plant Managers, Construction Leaders and Managers, and any manager, supervisor, coordinator, or leader that has Health & Safety (H&S) Responsibilities.  

All sessions are taught by Tom Fitzgerald.


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