Press Brake Fundamentals Training

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Press Brake Fundamentals Training          

*PEM: Plastics Engineering Company Manufacturing Building, use West Campus Drive entrance

This press brake training course is designed to give Press Brake operators the knowledge and technical skills pertaining to basic press brake operation. Attendees will experience easy to use formulas, demonstrations, and forming ideas. It is ideal for set-up operators with minimal experience. The duration of the course will be sixteen hours.

Day 1: 

Press Brake Safety… provides the learner with the necessary skills to perform the proper safety requirements and machine set-up for press brake operation. Press brake safety curtains, light beams, and other safety devices will be covered. Students will learn all of the moving parts on the CNC press brake and the safety involved with them. Students will learn proper start-up, calibration, and shutdown of CNC press brakes.

Day 2:

Die selection… introduces the learner the basics on how to select proper punch and die combinations to achieve the bends required by blueprints. Students will learn what size dies are to be used based on material thicknesses and how punch radii will affect bend dimensions and bend radii.

Day 3:

Press brake operation… The learner will be introduced to the press brake and back gauge axis. The students will learn about specialty tooling used for hems, offsets, and flattening. Students will learn the factors involved in forming including: material differences, tooling selection, shortest possible flange, achieving the proper radius, tallest possible box, and bend allowances.

Day 4:

Practical side of bending… The learner will be introduced to prints and the basic skills needed to read them. Students will be taught about typical material thicknesses involved in producing parts on the press brake. Students will be introduced to bend sequencing. Learners will be performing forming operations on parts to evaluate their understanding of forming concepts.

Presenter: Brian Strebe, LTC Welding Instructor, CWI CWE WTC


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