LTC Wind Turbine SAFER and Tower Climber SAFER Programs

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LTC’s Work-at-Height SAFER Programs

 LTC’s two-day SAFER Programs provide work-at-height professionals with the knowledge and skills to work SAFER. One-day recertification class is also available.

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The Programs

Wind Turbine SAFER is primarily geared toward Large Wind Technicians working on large MegaWatt, Monopole Wind Turbines.

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Tower Climber SAFER is geared toward residential wind, communications tower,
and meteorological (met) lattice tower workers.  This program exceeds the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard.



The course focuses on industry-specific case studies, fall protection systems and regulations. In addition, participants will learn the skills to identify and assess industry hazards as well as how to implement control measures to provide a SAFER working environment. Students will perform a variety of hands on exercises from equipment inspections to actual rescue scenarios of co-workers from LTC’s High Angle Rescue Training Tower to create the most realistic training environment available off of an actual site. Students should be prepared for an informative and rewarding educational experience.

Topics include:
  • Describe the main dangers of working at height
  • Carry out a risk assessment of work-at-height issues (includes requirements for rescue)
  • Describe the main legislation that governs work at height.
  • Demonstrate the ability to select & use a range of PFPE for work at height
  • Correct fitting of harness
  • Describe and demonstrate the correct method of inspection, care and maintenance of PFPE
  • Climb and work at height using lanyards and associated safety equipment
  • General requirements for rescue
  • Suspension trauma & emergency procedures
  • Introduction to the rescue equipment
  • Rescue equipment inspection and care
  • Emergency evacuation techniques (Wind)
  • Ladder and hub rescue
  • Rescue unreachable & self-rescue techniques

All participants who successfully complete training will receive LTC certification valid for two years.


Provides industry-specific updates in addition to skills and knowledge testing to currently certified SAFER program graduates. Successful completion grants two-year renewal of existing certification.

Facilities and Equipment


65kW Vestas • Entegrity & Endurance 50kW Wind Turbines (2) • 2.5kW Proven • MagDrive Electronic Power Control

Nacelle and Hub

A decommissioned General Electric 1.5MW nacelle is mounted on an elevated training pedestal allowing access to the nacelle, hub, and blades to allow simulated rescue scenarios from these wind turbine components. This facility also allows for advanced confined space training for those individuals needing this training.


One 90-foot tower section of a decommissioned 1.5 MW General Electric wind turbine with platform, as well as four operational lattice towers of varying heights, to simulate high-angle rescue training exercises.

For more information, contact:

Ruth at 920.693.1167, or email:

Also available:

  • 10- and 30-Hour OSHA Training
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Classes are available either by seminar or contract training


ONLINE with company bill information or download a registration form.
To register by phone with a credit card, call 1.888.GO TO LTC (1.888.468.6582) Ext. 1366

For questions or detailed information, call Workforce Solutions at 920.693.1675, or e-mail