Plymouth-Lakeshore Science and Technology Center

The Plymouth-Lakeshore Science and Technology Center at Plymouth High School offers dual-credit courses in manufacturing disciplines, which help high school students transition to post-secondary programs and into the workforce.

Students receive industry-driven workforce training in high-speed manufacturing at the Science and Technology Center, which is one of eight community outreach sites that Lakeshore operates in area schools.

The Lakeshore/PHS partnership is a robust collaboration that includes local chambers of commerce, the educational system, and leading employers, including Sargento Foods, Johnsonville, Rockline, Curt Joa, and Sheboygan Paper Box Co.

The center was established with funds from the U.S. Department of Commerce to create a career path in manufacturing for high schools students, support adult training and connect trainees with jobs, and enable PHS to offer dual-credit courses in manufacturing disciplines.

Local employers report that rapid technology changes within the manufacturing sector create a skills gap between open positions and the workforce pool.  The center helps address that gap by offering cutting-edge training in the newest manufacturing technologies and processes.