Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Lab

Delivering high-tech training to area high schools, businesses and the Department of Corrections.

Lakeshore's self-contained training lab is designed to deliver advanced manufacturing curriculum. The Mobile Lab, a climate-controlled unit equipped with wireless technology, provides instruction in Industry 4.0 including PLC’s, Robotics, Electrical circuits, and Hydraulics. The Mobile Lab can also be dropped off and positioned at a site temporarily to increase training options. 

Lakeshore's Mobile Lab is packed with technology

  • Industry 4.0 equipment and trainers including the following. 
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): The PLC training module is delivered in the Mobile Lab; the Mobile Lab houses 10 PLC machines. 
  • Fanuc Robotics Trainer: This portable lab equipment is used to teach basic robot programming. 
  • Hydraulic systems: Complete with actuators, valves and manometers. 
  • AC/DC electrical trainers; build and learn electrical circuits and the common components found within an industrial electrical system 

Bring the mobile training lab to your high school

At their high school, students can earn credits to apply to some of Lakeshore's programs, allowing them to graduate and join the workforce sooner.  Allow your Tech Ed instructors to expand the walls of their classrooms with this innovative teaching experience. 

Training employees with accuracy

Hands-on Assessments

Skill based competencies on real equipment make the mobile lab such a unique training experience for both new learners, incumbent workers or those looking to refresh their skillsets.  Let us bring the training to you! 

Customized Training

Local business and industry can access training solutions that are convenient, flexible, onsite and tailored to their individual needs. 

To reserve the Mobile Lab or for more information, contact:  

Mobile Lab Test Stations

Mobile Lab full view

Mobile Lab single station

Mobile Lab Robot

Mobile Lab Alternate View