Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is open. Please note:

  • You must clean any surfaces you touch
  • Bring your own water bottle

The Fitness Center is an unsupervised exercise center that is open to current students, current staff and family members of staff, Lakeshore retirees, and Village of Cleveland residents, free of charge. The Fitness Center Policy includes guidelines, dress code, and a release of all claims form. Individual interested in using the fitness center can review and sign the policy at the Welcome Center located at the Cleveland Campus in the Lakeshore Building.

Hours of use:

Mon - Thur 6 am - 10 pm
Friday 6 am - 4 pm
Sat & Sun 6 am - 11 am


Equipment available: Tread Mills, Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Climb Max Stair Stepper, Abdominal Crunch Machine, Low Row Machine, Leg Press, Pec/Rear Delt, High Row/Lat Pull-down, Leg Extension/Leg Curl, Shoulder Press, Rotary Torso, Seated Arm Curl, Seated Bench Press, Inner/Outer Thigh, High/Low Pulley, Fitness Tree and Hyper-extension Unit, Free Weights – 1#-50# with bench, Jump Ropes, Yoga Balls, and Floor Mats.

Drinking water, TV, and locker room with showers available.

If you have any questions, please contact the Welcome Center at 920.693.1366.