Helping Students in Distress

If this is a true emergency, call 911.

Lakeshore is committed to providing a safe, nurturing learning environment for all. We place utmost importance on the welfare, safety, and security of all of our students, faculty, and staff. To ensure a safe campus, we have put into place a team of Lakeshore faculty and staff to intervene when a threat is identified.

The CARE Team serves the Lakeshore Technical College community by assessing, responding, and evaluating to disruptive, troubling, or threatening behaviors brought to the attention of the Team. As part of this work, the Team also seeks to help identify members of our college community in need of support, guidance, or other intervention, and to refer them to appropriate campus and community resources. 

This interdisciplinary team provides a centralized system for employees and students to refer high-risk student situations. The ultimate objective is to assist students and our community to move from a state of distress and increased risk to a condition of safety and security.

If you have concerns student may need help, or may be a danger to others, please fill out Behavioral CARE Referral form.

Behaviors which may indicate a student needs help include:

  • Persistent antisocial or bizarre behavior.
  • Irritability or argumentativeness.
  • Verbal threats, or overly agitated, aggressive, and intimidating words or actions.
  • Student email responses that contain expressions of hate or comments regarding violence to self or others.
  • Extreme shifts of behavior, depression, or anxiety.
  • Anti-social thoughts or expressions, self-mutilating behaviors, and alcohol or drug abuse concerns.

Behavior CARE FAQs

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