Helping Students in Distress

For all emergencies, call 911.

LTC is committed to providing a safe, nurturing learning environment for all. We place utmost importance on the welfare, safety, and security of all of our students, faculty, and staff. To ensure a safe campus, we have put into place a team of LTC faculty and staff to intervene when a threat is identified.

If you have concerns that a student may need help, or may be a danger to others, please contact the Behavior CARE Team or fill out the Behavioral CARE Referral form.
Behaviors that may indicate a student needs help include:

  • Persistent antisocial or bizarre behavior.
  • Irritability or argumentativeness.
  • Verbal threats, or overly agitated, aggressive, and intimidating words or actions.
  • Student email responses that contain expressions of hate or comments regarding violence to self or others.
  • Extreme shifts of behavior, depression, or anxiety.
  • Anti-social thoughts or expressions, self-mutilating behaviors, and alcohol or drug abuse concerns.

Behavior CARE FAQs

Emergency Contacts