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Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is the only honor society serving two-year colleges offering associate degree programs. It has become one of the largest and most prestigious honor societies in higher education.

Membership into LTC's Beta Lambda Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is
based primarily on academic excellence and is extended by invitation only.

LTC's goal is to expand our students' learning opportunities. We're also committed to extending learning beyond the classroom and throughout life–Phi Theta Kappa is one of these opportunities.

Becoming a member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society provides more than a certificate. It offers you opportunities for personal and intellectual development as well as a valuable network of connections involving careers, scholarships and other success-oriented benefits.

Mission Statement

"The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve the purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence."

Chapter Officer Team

Karen Field - VP of Leadership
Karen Field - VP of Leadership


Michelle Jarvey - President
Michelle Jarvey - President


Alyssa Wenske - VP of Membership
Alyssa Wenske - VP of Membership


Chapter Advisors

Sue Kinneston, Testing Services Manager / 920.693.1224

Mary Kultgen, Instructor / 920.208.5885

Chapter Administrative Support

Barb Backhaus, Asst. to the VP of Instruction / 920.693.1133

Phi Theta Kappa Annual Induction Ceremony held on March 28, 2019 at Lakeshore Technical College, Centennial Hall 

PTK Spring 2019 Induction

PTK 2019 Spring induction


How do you become a member of Phi Theta Kappa?
The local chapter extends an invitation to students who meet the eligibility requirements.

How much are membership dues?
It’s a one–time fee of $75 for a lifetime membership. The membership fee benefits national, regional and local chapters.

What criteria are used to determine membership eligibility?
Phi Theta Kappa membership is based on academic achievement. Students must complete a minimum of 12 credits towards an associate degree program or 6 credits towards a technical degree program and have at least a cumulative 3.5 grade point average.

What is required to maintain membership?
Members must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

Why Join?

  • PTK members wear special graduation regalia. Gold stoles are provided for purchase at $20 or rented for free (with a $20 refundable deposit). A gold seal appears on PTK member's diploma and referenced on LTC transcripts.
  • Prestige and Honor
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Friends and Fellowship
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Resume Enhancement
  • Service Involvement
  • Travel Opportunities

Is participation a requirement?
Participation in chapter activities is not a requirement for membership. Phi Theta Kappa’s constitution requires only that a member make and maintain a certain grade point average. However, you will certainly want to consider the benefits of participating in the many programs available through Phi Theta Kappa membership. Benefits include personal growth, leadership enhancement and resume enhancement.

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