Student Printing

Each student is allocated a $10 printing allowance each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Printing costs:

  • Black/white: .05 cents per page
  • Color: .50 cents per page
  • It costs the same to print single-sided or double-sided, so we encourage you to print double-sided to save paper and money!

The cost of the print job is subtracted from your allocation each time you hit ‘print’. If your allocated $10 is exhausted, you may replenish your account in $1 increments (cash or check) at the Student Resource Center desk, Student Services counter, LTC Manitowoc, or LTC Sheboygan front desks. Money remaining from the original $10 allotment is not refunded or rolled-over to the next semester; however, any additional funds added by the user rolls over to the next semester.