Erin Rank Soars at Lambeau Field Internship Draft Day

Her fascination with using numbers to solve problems pays off.

Erin Rank accepts her scholarships from Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy.
Erin Rank accepts her scholarships from Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy.

The numbers were definitely in Lakeshore Accounting student Erin Rank’s favor as she reconciled her successes at the end of the ninth annual Lambeau Field Internship Draft Day held November 2. Erin was selected as the overall second pick from among over 150 students and the first pick among her team of five students, resulting in $1,500 in scholarships and seven potential internship opportunities.

Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy announced the winners. He also posed for photos and talked with the winners after the event.

“When my name was called both times, I was feeling all the emotions. I just remained calm and took in how grateful I am to have such a wonderful support system,” says Erin. 

How Did She Do It?

Prior to the event, all participating students had the opportunity to earn points based on their GPA, work-related experiences, and extracurricular activities. During the event, each student was part of a group and each student could earn additional points based on how well they interviewed with prospective employers. 

At the end of the event, the two students with the most points were selected as the overall first and second draft picks. The top pick won a $2,500 scholarship. As the second overall draft pick, Erin won a $1,000 scholarship. In addition, the student with the most points in each group was named a first round draft pick and awarded a $500 scholarship. Erin also won that scholarship. 

Erin, who is looking for an internship in Accounting, interviewed with five employers and talked with representatives from two additional companies. All seven employers invited her for a second interview. Erin says she plans to do more research on each of them before narrowing her choices down.

“I had a professional resume, wrote the job descriptions of each job, researched and wrote questions about each company. It definitely feels awarding and all my hard work is paying off. Being awarded second place overall pushes me to keep working hard and follow my dreams,” says Erin, whose dreams include completing her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Financial Analyst.

What does Erin believe helped her stand out from other candidates? “I would consider myself as a risk taker, as I attend a lot of events that can potentially help me become a better student and future employee,” she says. 

Erin started working in our Admissions department in September 2022 and says she’s learned so much working behind the scenes of our college. Her extracurricular activities include Business Professionals of America, Phi Theta Kappa, TRIO, and Student Leadership Board. She graduated from Brillion High School in 2017.

Why Accounting & Lakeshore?

Erin chose to study Accounting because she finds numbers “fascinating.” “I love working with numbers and using them to solve problems. Accounting provides me with the perfect blend of numbers and problem-solving, which is why it’s such a great fit for me,” she says. Erin also appreciates Accounting skills being transferable and useful in managing her personal finances.

Lakeshore’s location close to Erin’s home helped her choose to learn here. In addition, she says our size makes it “super easy” to get involved and she likes the smaller classes. “I feel welcome at this school,” she says.

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