Financial Aid - Scholarships

Many scholarships are available for Lakeshore Technical College students.  There are two types of scholarship offerings that Lakeshore students can consider to help pay for college:

  1. Lakeshore Foundation Scholarships are provided through private donations from individuals, foundations and employers to assist current Lakeshore students, high school seniors and new students planning to enroll at Lakeshore Technical College.  These resources are available to help meet educational expenses while attending Lakeshore.  Scholarships are awarded twice each year and you can apply online in January and August. Learn more about how to apply for Lakeshore Foundation Scholarships.
  2. Additional Scholarship Opportunities are offered through a variety of organizations, clubs, employers and unions or employee groups. Lakeshore is pleased to provide you with information on scholarships which have benefitted Lakeshore students in the past or which may provide additional financial resources to you when you attend Lakeshore Technical College. Our Additional Scholarship Opportunities listing provides a current list of scholarships and application information.