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We’ll help you find out what veteran’s benefits you’re eligible for and support you as you transition to campus life.

Veteran’s Benefit Guide

Veterans can use federal and state veterans' education benefits to pay for LTC college expenses. Veterans may also be eligible for other types of financial aid. To qualify for educational veteran’s benefits, a veteran must be enrolled in an approved associate degree or technical diploma program. The Wisconsin Educational Approval Board approves most programs of study at LTC for veterans’ benefits. It is the responsibility of the student receiving veterans’ educational benefits to notify LTC of any changes in enrollment status or withdrawal.

The Veteran’s Benefit Guide is intended to answer questions you may have regarding veterans benefits and provide information about services available to you while enrolled at LTC. If you have specific questions regarding the application process, eligibility, required credit loads, etc., please do not hesitate to contact Mariana Garcia-Carle at 920.693.1383 or

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