Resources for Single Parents/Displaced Homemakers

Career Development and Educational Support Services

LTC’s Displaced Homemaker program provides career development services for single parents/displaced homemakers who are considering enrolling in programs at LTC. Services are available for those wanting to enter or re-enter the workforce. This program is one of many academic and career development services available to help you gain skills and feel more self-confident.

Primary Services include:

  • Admissions assistance
  • Individual assistance to find personal and academic resources
  • Financial Aid information (traditional, public, and private) and assistance
  • Support, a listening ear, and advocacy
  • Referral to community agencies
  • Networking with other students
  • Program Shadowing/Career Development
  • Employment readiness services

For more information contact an LTC Admissions Advisor at 920.693.1162 or




Definition: Single Parents/ Displaced Homemaker

The term “displaced homemaker” describes an individual (male or female) who provides and/or has provided unpaid services to family members, has been dependent on the income of other family member(s) but is no longer supported by that income, and is un/underemployed, facing multiple barriers to securing self or family-supporting employment.