Competency-Based Education (CBE)

What is Competency-Based Education (CBE)?

Competency-based education is a learning model that is growing in use across the country. Here at Lakeshore Technical College, it benefits our students by allowing you to:

Learn When You Want To

We understand student needs differ. Lakeshore offers flexible scheduling so you can fit coursework around your life.

Progress at Your Own Pace

The competency-based education model allows you to demonstrate knowledge when you are ready, allowing you to move through coursework at your own pace. Competency-based education focuses on knowledge and competence versus time spent in class.

Receive Personalized Coaching & Support  

Every student has a success team who is with you every step of the way through your educational journey. Whether signing up for classes, navigating college life, helping with homework, or asking questions, the team at Lakeshore is happy and ready to support you.


CBE Frequently Asked Questions


CBE Delivery Formats

CBE Delivery Formats

CBE courses are delivered in different formats. It’s good to familiarize yourself with each one:

CBE On-Campus 

CBE on-campus courses offer you the opportunity to set your own flexible schedule to come to campus to complete coursework. Course activities will require you to participate on campus, in person, with your instructor and/or classmates. CBE on-campus courses also use the internet or other technology to facilitate instruction. Consult the course schedule to identify the times your class meets. 

CBE Hybrid 

CBE hybrid courses also offer you the opportunity to set your own flexible schedule to complete coursework. CBE hybrid courses also use the internet or other technology to facilitate instruction. Additional course activities require you to participate in scheduled on-campus or virtual in-person sessions with your instructor and/or classmates. Consult the course schedule to identify the times your class meets.

CBE Online

CBE online courses can be completed 100% online at times and locations convenient to you. Interactions between you and your instructor can be scheduled virtually during mutually agreed upon times.

CBE Start Dates

The scheduling flexibility offered by CBE makes attending college possible when you have work, family, and other commitments. You can even choose to start a course during any of these months:

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

November 13
January 2
January 15
February 12
March 11
April 8

CBE Save the Date

Pacing Guide

Are you trying to plan your semester? Are you wondering how many credits to take? Use the Schedule Builder to help you identify how much time you can dedicate to school each week. Then use the Pacing Calculator to determine how many credits and how much time is needed to complete each. 

Pacing Guide

Programs Offered

The following programs are currently offered as CBE programs. We will continue adding programs over time, so check back if you’re not seeing a program you’re interested in taking in the CBE format.

Architecture and Construction

HVAC & Building Trades Fundamentals

Business, Management and Administration

Administrative Professional
Office Assistant
Business Management (Starting in Fall 2024)
Human Resource Administration (Starting in Fall 2024)
Human Resource Assistant (Starting in Fall 2024)


CNC Technician 
Intro to Precision Machining Technology
Precision Machining Technology
Intro to Industrial Welding
Welding Fabrication
Quality Assurance Technician (Starting in Fall 2024)
Manufacturing Management (Starting in Fall 2024)

Marketing, Sales and Service

Digital Marketing (Starting in Fall 2024)

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Auto Collision Repair & Refinish Technician
Automotive Refinisher Certificate
Supply Chain Management (Starting in Fall 2024)

Health Science 

Medical Coder
Ophthalmic Medical Assistant
Nursing Assistant
Pharmacy Services Management
Pharmacy Technician
Dental Assistant (Starting in Fall 2024)
Health Information Management (HIM) (Starting in Fall 2024)  

Information Technology (IT) 

IT Web and Software Developer (Starting in Fall 2024)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 

Computer-Aided Design Technician (Starting in Fall 2024)
Mechanical Design and Engineering (Starting in Fall 2024)

Want to learn more about competency-based education programs?

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