Youth Apprenticeship



A Strategic Partnership Involving High Schools, Students, and Employers

Explore a future career while you’re still in high school – and get paid to learn!

Youth Apprenticeships offer the opportunity for you to learn about a career by working a paid job with a local employer while you are still in high school. One- and two-year programs start when you’re a junior or senior. Opportunities are available with a wide range of local employers.

Apprentices receive occupational related instruction and on-the-job training as part of your regular high school schedule. You’ll earn credits toward your high school graduation, and you’ll graduate with a state skills certificate and career-related work experience. These experiences are looked at favorably on college and job applications, and sometimes lead to a longer term job with your YA employer.

Learn More About Youth Apprentices

Become a Youth Apprentice. If you’ll be a high school junior or senior next year, you’re eligible to apply for Youth Apprenticeship. Your first step is to connect with your high school counselor to discuss your application process as each high school may work with a different Youth Apprenticeship consortium. You can also learn more about work-based learning opportunities through Inspire Wisconsin.

Lakeshore Course Options for Youth Apprentices

Youth Apprentices have the option of enrolling in relevant Lakeshore courses and earning Lakeshore credits while in the program. Learn more.