Graduation Celebration

LTC holds graduation events in May and December. Student-related details are added to this page as they become available.
New to graduation ceremony this year: Registered Apprentice and Youth Apprenticeship graduation.
May 2022 Graduation- May 21, 2022

Graduation Celebration Program

1st memo for May 2022 graduation

1st memo for May 2022 Registered Apprentice graduation

May 2022 Graduation FAQ

May 2022 Youth Apprenticeship Graduation FAQ

May 2022 GED/HSED Graduation FAQ


Watch the May 2022 virtual graduation.



Students Petitioning to Graduate

Apply For Graduation

Before you graduate, LTC needs to confirm your eligibility for completing your program. Your application for graduation initiates that process, as well as ensures a diploma will be created for you even if you don’t participate in the commencement ceremony.

Use the button above to submit your application.

Questions? Contact LTC Records at or 920.693.1888. 

Graduation Requirements

  1. You must have completed an application for graduation.
  2. You must have completed all classes published in the program’s curriculum and earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher (“C” average).
    1. Some programs require higher grades within individual plans, or do not accept D grades. Please read you program sheet carefully to be aware of all requirements for your program. Contact your advisor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your program plan.
  3. You must fulfill all financial obligations to LTC before you can receive a diploma or transcript.