HESI Admissions for Nursing

The HESI entrance exam is comprised of 2 academic exams. LTC requires Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary.


LTC library offers the study guide entitled HESI Admission Assessment exam review (4th edition) and is available for 2-week check out.

For additional preparation please click on the following link: http://www.mometrix.com/academy/hesi-a2-test/


The fee for the HESI entrance exam is $50.00.


HESI sessions are offered Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m. at LTC Cleveland by appointment only.  Please call 920.693.1184 to schedule an appointment.

Day of Test

Arrive 10 minutes early for check-in with photo ID, fee, confirmation email, as well as your username and password for Evolve.  You are not allowed to bring food, books, papers, calculators, listening devices, cell phones or electronic devices into the testing room. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided.


The required combined score of Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary for associate degree nursing is 75%. The required combined score of Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary for licensed practical nursing is 70%.


The student will be required to meet with the the counselor for the nursing program for permission to retake the HESI.  Retakes are the same fee.  

For More Information

Contact LTC Testing Services at 920.693.1184 or testing@gotoltc.edu.