Test-Outs for Lakeshore Classes

Lakeshore offers opportunities for students to be assessed for their prior learning. The courses listed below are offered in Testing Services. Please review the General Guidelines located below the available tests on this page and the course competencies/additional information column for any test you are interested in taking. Please contact Testing Services by calling 920-693-1184 or emailing testing@gotoltc.edu to get started. For other questions, including being assessed for a course that is not listed below, contact Assessment Manager Bill Persinger by calling 920-693-1297 or emailing at bill.persinger@gotoltc.edu.  


Course Name Catalog Number Credits Name of Test-Out Course Competencies/Additional Information
Access - Level 1 10-103-101 1 Access Access Course Competencies
Anatomy & Physiology (General) 10-806-177 4 Gen. Anatomy & Physiology General Anatomy & Physiology Course Competencies
General Anatomy & Physiology Sample Questions
Anatomy & Physiology (Advanced) 10-806-179 4 Adv.  Anatomy & Physiology Advanced Anatomy & Physiology Course Competencies
Basic Anatomy 10-806-189 3 Basic Anatomy Basic Anatomy Course Competencies
Blueprint Reading, Metrology, and Calibration 10-623-123 3 Blueprint Reading/Metrology/Calibration Blueprint Reading/Metrology/Calibration Course Competencies
College Mathematics 10-804-107 3 College Math College Mathematics Course Competencies
College Tech Math 1A 10-804-113 3 College Tech Math 1A College Tech Math 1A Course Competencies
Complex Print Drawings 31-420-361 1 Complex Print Drawings Complex Print Drawing Course Competencies
CPT Coding 10-530-184 3 CPT Coding CPT Coding Course Competencies
Developmental Psychology 10-809-188 3 *CLEP-Human Growth & Dev. Human Growth & Development CLEP Information
Economics 10-809-195 3 *CLEP-Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP Information
English Composition 10-801-175 3 *CLEP College Composition College Composition CLEP Information
Excel – Level 1 10-103-121 1 Microsoft Test-out Excel – Level 1 Course Competencies
Fluid Power 1 10-620-103 2 Fluid Power 1 Fluid Power 1 Course Competencies
Fluid Power 2 10-620-104 3 Fluid Power 2 Fluid Power 2 Course Competencies
Fundamentals of Reading Prescriptions 10-536-120 1 Fundamentals of Reading Prescriptions Fundamentals of Reading Prescriptions Course Competencies
General Chemistry 10-806-134 4 American Chemical Exam – Questions 1-60 General Chemistry Course Competencies
ICD Diagnosis Coding 10-530-197 3 ICD Diagnosis ICD Diagnosis Coding Course Competencies
Intro to American Government 10-809-122 3 *CLEP – American Government American Government CLEP Information
Intro to IT 10-154-104 4 Intro to IT Intro to IT Course Competencies
Intro to Psychology 10-809-198 3 *CLEP-Introductory Psychology Introductory Psychology CLEP Information
Intro to Sociology 10-809-196 3 *CLEP-Introductory Sociology Introductory Sociology CLEP Information
Keyboard Speedbuilding 10-106-132 1 Keyboard Speedbuilding Keyboard Speedbuilding Course Competencies
Machining Math Basic 31-420-325 1 Machining Math Basic Machining Math Basic Course Competencies
Machining Geometry and Basic Trigonometry 31-420-326 1 Machining Geometry and Basic Trigonometry  Machining Geometry and Basic Trigonometry Course Competencies
Shop Tools and Fasteners 31-420-310 1 Shop Tools and Fasteners Shop Tools and Fasteners Course Competencies
Orthographic Projections Print 31-420-385 2 Orthographic Projections Print Orthographic Projections Print Course Competencies
GD&T Intro 31-420-386 2 GD&T Intro GD&T Intro Course Competencies
Math Essentials for Chemistry Students 78-854-773 2 Math Essentials for Chemistry Students Math Essentials for Chemistry Students
Medical Law, Ethics & Professionalism 31-509-309 2 Medical Law, Ethics & Professionalism Medical Law, Ethics & Professionalism Competencies
Medical Terminology 10-501-101 3 Medical Terminology Medical Terminology Course Competencies
Medical Terminology Sample Exam Questions
Nursing Pharmacology 10-543-103 2 Nursing Pharmacology Nursing Pharmacology Course Competencies
Nursing Pharmacology Sample Exam Questions
Power Point – Level 1 10-103-161 1 Microsoft Test-out Power Point – Level 1 Course Competencies
Spanish for Law Enforcement 10-504-970 1 Spanish for Law Enforcement Spanish for Law Enforcement Course Competencies
Trades Math Industrial Maintenance 1 31-462-317 1 Trades Math Industrial Maintenance 1   Trades Math Industrial Maintenance 1 Course Competencies
Trades Math Industrial Maintenance 2 31-462-318 1 Trades Math Industrial Maintenance 2  Trades Math Industrial Maintenance 2 Course Competencies
Welding Math Basics 31-442-382 1 Welding – Basics Welding Math Basics Course Competencies
Welding Geometry & Formulas 31-442-384 1 Welding – Math 2 Welding Geometry & Formulas Course Competencies
Word – Level 1 10-103-191 1 Microsoft Test-out Word – Level 1 Course Competencies
Written Communications 10-801-195 3 *CLEP – College Composition College Composition CLEP Information

General Guidelines

  • The fee for testing out of a course is $50.00, except CLEP exams. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Click here for CLEP test-out fees. 
  • The passing score for all test-outs is 80%. CLEP tests listed have a minimum passing score of 50.
  • Students cannot attempt a test out if they have already taken the course, including having dropped the course two weeks or later from the course start date.
  • Test outs can only be attempted once.
  • Students must be admitted to a program at Lakeshore in order to test out, except for Word, Excel and PowerPoint test outs.
  • Students must take at least 25% of their technical/occupation specific coursework in their program at Lakeshore (for specific questions on this policy please contact your academic advisor at 920.693.1366).
  • Any refunds for students who are enrolled in the course and decide to drop the course will follow the WTCS refund policy, regardless of any credit earned through CPL.
  • Any credit(s) awarded through CPL do not count toward financial aid eligibility.


Appointments are required for testing. Please call 920.693.1184. Testing is offered at Lakeshore Cleveland.

Day of Test

Arrive 10 minutes early for check-in with photo ID and fee. You are not allowed to bring food, books, papers, calculators, listening devices, cell phones or electronic devices into the testing room.  Pencils and scratch paper will be provided. Some test outs will have additional materials given to you to use during the test, please contact Testing Services for your specific test to find out what materials may be provided during the test.

For More Information

Contact Lakeshore Testing Services at 920.693.1184 or testing@gotoltc.edu.