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Nursing assistants play an important role in basic patient/resident care activities in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings, including home healthcare. If you’re a good communicator, compassionate, and interested in caring for people, becoming a nursing assistant may be a rewarding career choice for you.


Wisconsin Department of Health Services – (DHS Approved program)

Lakeshore Technical College's Nursing Assistant program courses prepare students to obtain state certification to be employed/practice in the state of Wisconsin. The College does not guarantee its curriculum matches the requirements for preparation, examinations, or licensure for other states.

Career Area
Health Science
Technical Diploma
Program Number
  • Technical Diploma
  • 1 Term
  • 2 Credits
  • Flexible Starting Dates

Summer 2024 CBE Schedule
Fall 2024 CBE Schedule

CBE Hybrid - hybrid courses offer students the opportunity to set their own flexible schedule.
Additional course activities will require students to participate in scheduled on-campus classes. 

Career Outlook

Nursing Assistant

Median Income: $50,852.00*


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Home Health and Personal Care


Provide or assist with basic care or support under the direction of onsite licensed nursing staff. Perform duties such as monitoring of health status, feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, or ambulation of patients in a health or nursing facility. May include medication administration and other health-related tasks. Includes nursing care attendants, nursing aides, and nursing attendants.


Transport patients to areas such as operating rooms or x-ray rooms using wheelchairs, stretchers, or moveable beds. May maintain stocks of supplies or clean and transport equipment.


Assist mentally impaired or emotionally disturbed patients, working under direction of nursing and medical staff. May assist with daily living activities, lead patients in educational and recreational activities, or accompany patients to and from examinations and treatments. May restrain violent patients. Includes psychiatric orderlies.



*As with any survey data, the wages presented here are prone to error and sampling bias. Educational decisions should not be entirely based on the data presented here. Graduate Outcome Survey data is from 2021-22 Lakeshore graduates.


Work with Admissions Advisor to:

  • Submit Application
  • Submit transcripts and test scores
  • Complete the Background Information Disclosure.
  • Complete the Student Success Questionnaire.
  • Complete Health form.
  • Complete Technical Standards form.
  • Complete the Nursing Assistant Handbook.
  • Schedule your First Time Program Counseling/Registration Session with your assigned program counselor to plan your first semester schedule, review your entire plan of study and discuss the results of the Student Success Questionnaire.

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CBE MemberCompetency-Based Education (CBE) is learning at your own pace by mastering competencies through demonstration. It is an academic model in which the time it takes to demonstrate competencies varies, while the expectations about learning are held constant. Students demonstrate mastery through multiple forms of assessment, often at a personalized pace. Once all competencies for this program have been assessed and mastered, students will earn their Technical Diploma.

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Faculty Bios

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Gerri Van Oss

I am passionate about teaching the most basics of care for the long-term elderly patient or resident. It is the most important role in health care. Nursing Assistants are the eyes and ears of the health care team and make the biggest impact for a resident in their quality of life. 

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Stacey Grimm

Being a nurse educator goes beyond teaching. It involves mentoring, role modeling, coaching, and motivating the future nurses of Wisconsin!

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Jolaine Bishop

As a nurse educator, I "have the best of both worlds," for I not only get to teach the future generation of nurses, but I continue to "learn something new every day"! I look forward to my new journey here at Lakeshore!

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