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Underground Storage Tank Installer

Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) installers will learn about regulations, consensus codes, recommended practices, plan preparations, and submittal procedures as they pertain to USTs. Site excavation practices, tank handling, testing, leak-detection systems, corrosion protection, and overfill protection are also covered. Note: Bring a check for $35 payable to WDATCP to cover the application and exam fee not included in your registration fee.

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Storage Tank Remover Cleaner

This seminar reviews the Department: Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection requirements for the proper removal, cleaning, and closure of storage tanks. The seminar covers proper notification procedures; safety hazards; referenced flammable atmospheres; monitoring instruments; tank removal; site inspection; and correct handling and disposal of the tank, waste, and containment soils.

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Grant Writing: Technical Storytelling

Fine tune your passion into a cohesive story that sells.

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*More information and directions will be sent after registration.

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This 90 minute webinar will help you better convey your work to funders and increase funding. We’ll cover techniques to fine tune your passion into a cohesive story that sells.

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