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Board Policies

Governance Process Policies:

Rules that the Board sets for itself regarding how it will carry out its governing responsibilities.  The policies describe the Board's relationship with outside interests.

I.A. Governance Commitment
I.B. Governing Style
I.C. Board Job Description
I.D. Chairperson's Role
I.E. Board Committee Principles
I.F. Board Planning and Agenda
I.G. Board Member's Code of Conduct

Board-Staff Relationship Policies:

Outline the manner in which the Board delegates authority to the President and monitors the President's performance.

II.A. Delegation to the President
II.B. President's Position Profile
II.C. Monitoring Presidential Performance

Executive Limitations Policies:

The Guiding Principles relating to the methods (means) used by the President and staff to accomplish the college's ends.

III.A. General Executive Constraint
III.B. People Treatment
III.C. Compensation and Benefits
III.D. Budgeting/Forecasting
III.E. Financial Condition
III.F. Asset Protection
III.G. Communication & Counsel to the Board

Ends Policies: They answer the questions of: 

What benefits should result from the college's very existence?

Who should receive these benefits?

What is the cost of providing these benefits?

Ends Policy IV.A. Workforce Development

Lakeshore Technical College exists so the community workforce will be well trained, diverse, and flexible and will meet the needs of a changing marketplace.

Ends Policy IV.B. Access

Learning opportunities are affordable and accessible, within available resources.