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President's Message

Lakeshore Technical College is here to help you get wherever you want to go in life. Whether you are a high school graduate looking to take some transferable courses, a business looking to upskill your existing workforce, an adult who is ready to complete your GED, or a new student focused on earning a college degree, we are going to help you achieve your goal.

As a college in your community, we believe that we exist to offer hope and opportunity. Our three-pronged vision for the next five years and beyond encompasses the goals of being the college of first choice for high school seniors, making sure that all LTC programs and credentials add value to students and employers, and empowering the entire LTC team.

LTC serves the whole of Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties, as well as parts of Ozaukee and Calumet counties. We feel the responsibility of reaching people and employers across this entire area.

Many are struggling to earn a wage that will give them a better life for themselves and their families. Right now there are thousands of high-wage, high-demand job openings throughout our counties waiting for skilled employees to fill them. LTC is ready to give people the technical skills they need for higher-paying, long-term career jobs.

We are proud to say that 74% of employed LTC graduates stay and contribute to the Lakeshore’s economic development—with associate degree grads earning an annual salary of $47,836—and an average of 105 businesses contract with the college for customized training of more than 2,900 workers a year. Additionally, for every $1 taxpayers invest in LTC, the community received $2.80 in return.  This $2.80 represents a larger future tax base from students' higher income, which has been discounted back to the present.

We also take great pride in the fact that LTC belongs to the communities we serve. This connection can be seen in our engagement with organizations like the United Way, in our service to local non-profits, in our partnerships with chambers of commerce and economic development corporations, and in our outreach to our neighbors.

If there is just one thing you should know about LTC it is this: no matter your background, we are here to help you get wherever you want to go in life.

Best wishes and take care,

Paul Carlsen
LTC President