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Gen Ed College Course Transfer Guide

LTC General Education Course Incoming Course Requirements
10801195 Written Communication Written Comm or English Composition 3 or more credits. Must include research-based writing assignments
10801196 *Oral/Interpersonal Comm Oral Communication or Interpersonal Communication 3 or more credits
10801197 Technical Reporting Technical Reporting or Business Writing 3 or more credits
10801198 *Speech Speech or Public Speaking 3 or more credits. Course must include giving speeches
10803186 Intro to Biochemistry Biochemistry 4 or more credits with a lab
10804107 College Mathematics Any non-developmental math course 3 or more credits
10804112 Principles of Sustainability Sustainability or Environmental course 3 or more credits
10804115 College Tech Math 1 One or a combination of college level math courses that include algebra and trigonometry 5 or more credits
10804118 Intermediate Algebra Intermediate Algebra or higher level 4 or more credits
10804123 Math /Business Apps Finance Math or Business Math 3 or more credits
10804133 Math & Logic Math & Logic 3 or more credits
10806134 General Chemistry General Chemistry or a combination of courses that include Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 4 or more credits with a lab
10806154 General Physics 1 Physics 4 or more credits, math based
10806177 General Anatomy & Physiology Because these courses vary widely at colleges, a student will need to complete 8 credits of A&P, or Advanced A&P. A student needing just Gen A&P will need to have the course reviewed by the instructor.
10806179 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
10806197 Microbiology Microbiology 4 or more credits with a lab
10809103 Think Critically & Creatively Any sociology course 3 or more credits
10809122 Intro to American Government Any Political Science course 3 or more credits.
10809128 Marriage & Family Any Sociology course 3 or more credits
10809159 Abnormal Psychology Abnormal Psychology 3 or more credits, from the psychology dept.
10809166 Intro to Ethics Ethics or Business Ethics 3 or more credits
10809172 Intro to Diversity Studies Any Diversity course 3 or more credits
10809188 Developmental Psychology Psychology course that covers the lifespan 3 or more credits, must cover birth through death.
10809195 Economics Any Economics course 3 or more credits
10809196 Intro to Sociology Any Sociology course 3 or more credits
10809198 Intro to Psychology Any Psychology course 3 or more credits
10831103 Intro to College Writing Level 09X Writing Course None
10834109 Pre-Algebra Level 08X Math Course None
10834110 Elementary Algebra with Apps Level 09X Math Course None
10838105 Intro Reading & Study Skills Level 09X Reading Course None
  *Unless an OR is indicated for these two courses on the program sheet, the transferred course must be specific to the LTC course and have a grade of C or better.