Lakeshore Nursing Programs Additional Information

LPN Bridge to ADN Pathway

Lakeshore has a three-step Admissions/Enrollment college application process for all Nursing students. Step One is to complete the admissions requirement to get accepted into the college. Step Two is to complete the class registration requirements to enroll into general education courses. Step Three is to complete the program requirements to be accepted into the Bridge pathway.

It is mandatory that all of the Nursing general education classes be completed prior to starting the core nursing classes. A grade of "C" or better is required in all classes with the exceptions of the two Anatomy and Physiology classes, both of which require a grade of "B" or better. 

LPN Bridge students must submit a current, active practical nurse license that is not encumbered. The LPN Bridge pathway is a summer-only entry with two preparatory bridge courses. The number of seats available are limited.

The LPN Bridge to ADN classes are mostly offered during the day.

For information on the Medical Assistant Bridge to Practical Nursing pathway, please see the Practical Nursing program page.

Nursing Transfer Students

Lakeshore welcomes nursing transfer students who have been enrolled in core nursing classes at other institutions.

A Letter (email) of Good Standing must be sent from the previous institution’s Director of Nursing directly to the Lakeshore Nursing Program Advisor. This letter supports that the student transferring is in good standing in that program and should include why the student is leaving the former nursing program.

A decision on transfer and admission will be made based upon the information provided, current Lakeshore policies and standards, as well as the standards and policies of the program of enrollment.

Students must meet the published admission, enrollment, and program requirements established prior to entering the nursing program (background check, health form, HESI, program advising, etc.).

General Education Nursing Students from other institutions

Lakeshore welcomes general education course takers from other institutions (typically online summer courses). Students must show prerequisite course completion prior to registration. The Lakeshore Nursing Advisor is sent either an official transcript or a transcript directly from their college.

Nursing Students from other institutions taking Lakeshore Nursing Courses

Students enrolled in another WTCS nursing program can take an Lakeshore core nursing course with approval from their institution. A Letter (email) of Good Standing needs to be sent to the Lakeshore Nursing Advisor that states permission to take the specific class and that it will be accepted by their program.

High school classes for nursing program preparation

Chemistry-one year (one full credit) class grade B or better

Dual Credit classes-college level
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Intro to Sociology or Intro to Diversity Studies
  • Oral/interpersonal Communications
  • Anatomy & Physiology
AP Classes

Advanced Placement classes with an AP exam score of 3, 4, or 5 are accepted and advanced standing is granted.