Lakeshore FutureForce

Ready to work. Full of new ideas. Eager to step into the real world.

The Lakeshore FutureForce represents a wide array of students ready to put their skills to work for local business, while developing their work-ready skills through on-site internships.

For Employers

Lakeshore FutureForce students are ready to bring their unique skills to your company and can't wait to learn what your industry has to offer. In addition to hands-on, technical education, the Lakeshore FutureForce has gained key life and success skills, ranging from ethics to critical thinking and communication skills, that employers like you expect.

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For Students

Get a taste of your future career when you take your skills outside the classroom and put them to work in the real world.

As part of the Lakeshore FutureForce you'll be able to further develop your business skills, learn about a new industry, receive real-world business experience and get a chance to impress potential employers. Beyond career-specific skill development, your internships will also help you build professional networking contacts and mentoring relationships. Depending on the program, you'll receive from one to four credits for an internship—that equates to 72 to 288 hours of time in the internship.

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